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Some of the newer comments can also refer to Savannah kittens we have bred and homed recently.

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This page is dedicated to feedback from owners of our kittens and comments on our cats and our website. If you would like to leave some feedback please email with ref: comments.


I just wanted to let you know that Bertie has settled in beautifully and now pretty much runs the place.  I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to my existing Bengal and Maine Coon - they have been incredibly gentle and accepting of him - I think I’ve been very lucky.  Thank you so much for letting him come and live with me; he is a joy to have around.  

Kind regards



Hi Jill & Cathy

Our little boy has been named Leonard (Lenny) Rice ;-)
He’s settled in to his bedroom well so far..He purrs really loud and he’s so cuddly when he settles down. 
He’s done some exploring and curtain climbing. He’s so full of beans and a great little character 



Hi Jill

Just thought we’d drop you a little note to say we are really enjoying India she is a little treasure.  So beautiful loving and loves to play lots. She’s eating well and uses her litter tray brilliantly....... she’s settled in a treat.


Katie, Jan and Peter Hammond 



Hi Jill

Just to let you know that he is settling in really well and enjoying his play time.  He seems to think 3.30 in the morning is a good time to play and keeps trying to swipe our feet under the quilt :)  
We still can’t decide on a name for him yet!  I will keep you posted.

Thank you so much, he’s a real gem.



Josie 25/9/18.


Hiya, I hope everything is going well!

It's Kiba's 6th birthday this sunday, and I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for letting me have him. He truly is the best cat I could have ever asked for! He is so so affectionate, I even won a photo competition with this picture, and he was the first cat to ever win a class! He will always be my very special boy. <3

Rhianna 13.09.18


Just thought I’d send a quick update to say that our kitten, now named Nala II, now aged 5.5 months, has settled in well and loves her new playmate, our boy Bengal Simba III!

Thank you for such a lovely kitten!

Emma 06.09.18



Just wanted to let you know that April is settling in well, she is eating and using the litter tray, she is seeking out attention already enjoying a stroke, purring, talking and playing, still in her little room but we are spending lots of quality time with her, thanks so much x

Amanda 05.09.18


Hello Cathy,

Just to tell you that the kittens are fine, very active and stunning!! They got on well after a couple of days with my slightly older cat, they play a lot now. :)

Yana 31.08.18


Riesling's 1st Birthday!

Thank You for letting me have her.

Richard 29.08.18


Thank you again for these 2 exceptional cats.

Majestic Bengal 29.08.18


Good evening I hope you guys are well?!

I just wanted to give you an update on Hunter and how fast he is growing! He’s losing his baby teeth aswell (3). He’s so loving too, I can’t get over at how sweet and loving and cuddly he is. He kneads on me every single morning for over an hour. He goes for regular appointments to get his nails cut as he doesn’t allow me hehe and he’s up to date with all his worming and flees medications!

Daniella 21.08.18


Hi Jill, Cathy,

Just to let you know that Copper has settled in very well over the weekend. He's eating well (a lot, actually) and is already quite confident around his new home. He's very affectionate and one of the most gentle kittens I have ever come across - We simply adore him! :) I attach two pictures of him playing and sleeping with his bumblebee.

Thanks again for letting us have him!

Doris 14.02.18


Hi Jill,

Just to let you know that Attilan is
setting in well. Quite the little genius, he ignored the
tray and went straight into his litter robot. I was hoping
to introduce it when he was settled but no need, he is
happily using it. Likewise his wheel. Jumped in and went for
it like a pro. He is as I type helping! Well sitting on the

He decided he wanted to climb the
curtains so I went and got another small climbing
post. Picture attached. He is playing with his cat it tracks
and chasing the cat dancer, followed by eating and paddling
in his water fountain .

Thank you
He such a lovely little character




My husband has always wanted a Bengal all his life but never got round to getting one. For his 60th I decided it was time to make that dream a reality and came across Glitterglam Bengals. I sent them an email and got a quick reply from Cathy. Cathy was so informative and I could feel how much she cares that we got the right kitten for us. So my husband and I went to see Jill and met the most beautiful, friendly and funny little kittens. Jill was so welcoming (even though we arrived 2 hours late!) and couldn’t be more patient with our indecisiveness!

We went home, had a think and then put a deposit down on a beautiful boy. However, there was another little boy who stole my heart and Cathy kindly asked Jill to hold off from selling him. We are going to collect him tomorrow and cannot wait.

What can I say about Cathy and Jill and their cats and kittens? They are first class. The quality of these bengals is exceptional. Cathy and Jill helped us when on the first night of taking our first kitten home, he got stuck under the bathroom shower and wouldn’t come out.
They always respond to emails and are so friendly when you go to visit them. They care about the future of the kittens and really know their trade!
We could have purchased a Bengal from a lady who breeds them in her home near where we live but we decided to go the extra distance and purchase from Glitterglam because of their impeccable reputation. I would only ever recommend getting a Bengal from Jill now. She is a lady who really knows what she is doing and her love for these cats is truly inspiring.

Jaime and John 12/12/17


Hi Jill,

Just wanted to let you know , our two lovely boys have settled in a treat. They
Act like brothers ! Fighting one minute then cuddling the next! It’s a full time
Job looking after them , but we love it .

Thanks for everything it was lovely to meet you and all your beautiful cats ....

Naomi & Matt


Hi Jill/Cathy

Just to say that Dolly has settled in really well, loves all the family. She is a gorgeous kitten with a lovely sweet playful personality. Belle and Beau are less keen at the moment. We are hopeful that this will change in time. Introductions have been daily but brief so as not to upset or scare any of them.

Felloway plug in's are helping.

Thank you for the information pack and dancer toy which have both been very helpful.

Warmest regards

Lisa x

22nd November 2017


Hi Jill,

Hope all is well with you and your cats.

As you can see the beautiful Zanzi is doing very well and just celebrated her 9th birthday. She's as playful as a kitten, super affectionate and loves her garden ( but only when I'm with her) She is so intelligent and instinctively knows not to jump over the high wall but as you can imagine loves running up the trees to spy on the neighbours and chasing the odd squirrel .



Thanks again for bringing her to us.

Best regards
Aiden 12/11/17


 Jill thank you so very much. She is the cutest sweetest loving ever little kitten with ever had can't believe she's 8 month old already xx Jill thank you so very much. She is the cutest sweetest loving ever little kitten with ever had can't believe she's 8 month old already xx 6/11/17




Morning Jill

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that both kittens we picked up on Thursday 2nd November are settling in well. We have decided to call them Barney & Bella. Bella is quite fearless and has bags of cheeky personality but as Barney gets more confident he is getting bolder and is so loving, he throws himself on his back for belly tickles, very cute. Thank you also for the cat dancers, they go mad for them!
They are both so beautiful and we are over the moon with them
I have attached a picture for you.



Hi Jill,
We have named the kitten Sheba and she is getting on brilliantly. Settled in really well. Thought you would like to see some photos.
Kind regards
Gavin and Nicky 11th October.



Dear Jill

I hope you are well. Thank you for taking the time to show us the cats and kittens and the beautiful location you live with them. I just wanted to give you a brief update on the beautiful Bengal boy. We have named him Monty and he is doing really well. Already grown in confidence, eating well and using his toilet! We are so in love with him already and as he grows we will send some photos. He is so playful but yesterday we curled up on the sofa and fell asleep when I was back from work :)

Best wishes

Jayne September 2017


Hi Jill.

Just thought I'd drop you a line. Our lovely kitten, now named Kiki is growing up, and I am booking her in for neutering this month. She is very well mannered, and always brings a smile to our faces. I have been training her, and she sits, begs and jumps on demand. I do need to get in touch at some point to get a new dragonfly chaser as she has destroyed her first one.
Can't thank you enough, I am totally taken by the bengal breed, and after all the stories I have heard, Kiki is a real testament to your hard work.

Many thanks again




He is doing well and looks great Thanks for all your good work with this wonderful boy. Thanks Glenn

12/7/17 (bengal male kitten on getting to Miami)




Hi Cathy,

Harley arrived home safe and sound. He is supper sweet!

Thank you so much!

Best wishes
Emily(Hong Kong) 21/6/17


Hello Jill, Geoffrey,

Hope you are both well, just to let you know as promised that Rafa has settled in now, as you said he eats like a little piglet, but it’s good to see him enjoying his food. He will only eat the purrform but that is fine as I know it is good for him.

Boundless energy and very affectionate with a massive personality.

Many thanks to you both for this unique and Beautiful kitten.

My best wishes to you.



Hello Jill,
We have named the female Bengal anuka,
She has settled in fabulously she is getting on well with both cats and the dogs
Alana wasn’t to impressed first of all lots of hissing but the kitten is now running around the house and up and down the stairs chasing Alana and playing
From the first day she arrived home it has been like she has always been here, she is very vocal with lots of meowing and very greedy and loves her grub.
She loves and is constantly rubbing herself around and on us.
She doesn’t like to be held for to long but she is very strong willed and into everything I really do think the other 2 cats are in trouble lol
Thank you for entrusting us with another one of your cats she is well loved and looked after well.
Kind regards
Paul and caroline



Hi Jill

As promised, I just wanted to give you an update on how Eida, the little Savannah who came home with me on Wednesday is doing.

The first thing to say is that she's an absolute dream! She is so affectionate and has hardly stopped purring since she's been here. She loves to play, and even though I've brought her some different types of toys; balls, crinkly feather toys etc, the only one she wants to play with is the cat dancer which she absolutely cannot resist! I can't believe that even when I've been playing with her she's not so much as shown me her claws. She also loves her food and is eating really well and happily uses her litter tray.

As soon as I come into the room she comes running to meet me, and despite having been brought a lovely cosy cat bed, she's spent the last 2 nights sleeping on my feet!

When I lost my beloved Bengal, it absolutely broke my heart, but this little girl is helping so much to put it back together again. Thank you so much for letting me have her in my life.

Best Wishes

Faye Howard 18/3/17



Good morning Cathy,

Thank you so much for this. Bryan and I have been saying that we really must contact you and say how well the wonderful Merlin is doing. I believe coming to a house with two German Shephard’s and a Golden Retriever was quite a shock for him but he had his room as a good refuge. We followed your advice and kept him up there for just over a week but bringing him down to the lounge during the evenings, we put the dogs out into the conservatory at these times. From day one he has been a very affectionate cat and loves his cuddles. Now he has full run of the house when he wants it and from the photos I’ve attached (not very good I’m afraid) is very settled in with the dogs. He plays with our other Bengal, Phoenix which is good to see. There was plenty of hissing and spitting to start with. We also have a couple of moggies that really aren’t fussed about him at all. Although I must say on one occasion I did see our neutered male (quite a big boy) was sitting on the top of the cat tree which is Merlin’s favourite spot, Merlin was none too impressed with this and chased him off and actually chased him out of the room. I think we know who is going to be boss in our house!!

We love him to bits and are so pleased that he has come to live with us.

Thank you so much for all of the advice you gave us and of course for the gorgeous Magical Merlin.

Kind regards




Dear Jill,

I just wanted to show you what great friends the kittens have become. So far they have been an absolute delight. My son Henry said it was the happiest moment of his life to welcome the kittens home.

I wish you all the very best for the new year.


Kate Mayberry 31/12/16




Hello Cathy,

Makalu is doing super well, he is adapting very well, still in quarantine but not for long as he looks in perfect health:) he is eating like a little horse... he is purring and super sweet we already fell in love with him, he has a super interesting pursonnality, thanks for a the perfect job !
I'm so excited to bring him with my girls inside the home and as soon as I do I will send you the pictures of him.

thanks in advance,
Have a nice day
Kind regards,
Agnès 19/10/16



Hello Jill & Geoff

Thank you for the warm welcome and lovely introduction to Indira and her family & human carers. Alex and I were so pleased to have met you properly and it's so clear how your work is your passion and how beautifully your animals are cared for.

Indira is a treasure and getting braver one step at a time. I've been allowed two stroking sessions today, she's not too keen to be picked up yet but there's time enough for that and in the mean time we play. The cat dancer wins hands down over the more expensive toys and a cardboard box takes second place.

She is eating, drinking & using the litter tray fine - she's finding her comfortable spots and I get vocal cues from various new nooks & crannies in the flat - my part in the game is to go & find her, praise her for her vanishing mystery mastery - and then we do it all again. Her repertoire of meows is pretty impressive ... she does a sweet little gargling number, an impersonation of a Peacock and a full on belting roar that defies her body size & lung capacity!

Today I set up her water fountain - she circled it, decided she was a lion heart and dived in - paws straight into the water for a paddle and a bit of a splash around... she even had a drink .. very novel.

Such a lovely, funny, brave & bashful little character and I'm so grateful for our introduction & the chance to bring her home. Thank you both so much. I'll update again further down the line ... I think Alex 'I'm a dog person' Kilgour is on the cusp of being smitten....

Please also thank your team who have given little Indi the best start in life ... we are feeling blessed.

All good wishes

& on behalf of Alex & Indira too





Dear Jill,

I just wanted to send some pictures of Zachary to let you know he is settling in very well. He moved from the guest bedroom after three days to having the full run of the place. His favourite toy is his monkey which he wrestles, carries around and fetches when you throw it. And he has mastered the red sofa which he likes to scale and sit on the top like a wild cat on the branch of a tree!

He is such a joy with a lovely disposition and a cheeky side as well. He is very good natured and well adjusted - I haven't had a single issue with him!Thank you so much for my little guy who has filled my heart and home after the loss of my beloved Zoey.

Very best,




We took on one of your Silverglam kittens (we called him Cupid). He is the most amazing perfect kitten we could ask for. He follows me everywhere and his purr is the most healing sound. Ive just had surgery and I can honestly say that without this little bundle loyaly by my side I would be lost.

We will be returning to get a female Silverglam in the future.

Kim & James




Hi Thank you for my beautiful confident kitten. He's lovely and the girls are over the moon with him. Emma xx



Hi Jill,

Just wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity in our new addition to the family.

We ended up calling her "Skye".

She has settled in REALLY well. Her temperament is MUCH better than we had anticipated! She is a real joy to have and is extremely affection to us humans. She is my 5 year olds sone bestest friends ..... she sleeps outside his room waiting form him to give her cuddles in the mornings bless.

So thank you for allowing this opportumity ?


Hi all at Savannahglam,
I want to thank you for the most fabulous cat in the world, i am sooooo thrilled and delighted words cannot express the happiness we feel with our new healthy, robust, stunningly beautiful baby F2, Voltaire.
Not only did we fall in love with him but also the wonderfully kind staff and, in fact, the whole place, which is exemplary .

Being new to cat ownership, (or should i say self imposed slavery), It is reassuring to know you are there at the end of the phone should we have any queries, endlessly tolerant of my questions, kind, informative, erudite replies are the order of the day from Savannahglam no matter how daft my worry is.
Again i cannot thank you enough not only for the best cat in the world but for your very great help and support.

Yours in gratitude,
Josephine Allen.




I just wanted to take the time to send my thanks again for giving us our wonderful little boy and to give you an update on his progress.

From the moment Milo stepped out of his carrier at home (he slept on his back, belly in the air for most of the journey - which was an hour longer than expected due to traffic on the M25 - he coped very well!) he has settled right in. He is such a confident, affectionate little boy and we are absolutely besotted. He is eating and playing well (tearing round the house as I write with his favourite mouse in his mouth), and growing by the day. His favourite spot of an evening is to jump on my lap, suckle his own belly (!) and then pass out!

He is an absolute joy and we could be happier. Thank you so much!

We'll be back in touch when he has been neutered.

All the best,




I think she is doing just fine X I keep u updated! Great little family you have here, very grateful I'm able to be part of it. I will recommend anyone to you. Excellent .
Kind regards
Emilie 13/5/16


Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the Savannahglam team for a wonderful Savannah girl, she's absolutely perfect. She's settled in within in the day, she's affectionate, loves to play and pretty much follow you around the house. She loves the kisses and cuddle as much as you can give and great with the kids.

Can not thank you enough for the wonderful addition to our family Karah Savannah girl f5.

Kind Regards

Fizz 14/5/16


Hello to all at Glitterglam. We have now had Kevin over a week and
can't remember life without him. He is such a friendly little chap and
always up for a game or three! He always uses his litter tray and
hasn't had any accidents to date. Our Daughter and Grandaughter adore
him and can't stay away! You can be secure in the knowledge that he is
a much loved family member. He is very settled and eating extremely
well. Thank you for our Special Kitten.

Yours sincerely

Barbara and
Tim Freemantle1/5/16


Hi Jill

Just to update you, Mabel's settled in really well. The kids adore her and she seems to enjoy their attentions. They play with her all the time and my daughter keeps disappearing.... I find that she's sneaked upstairs to have "quiet time with Mabel" on her own. The only problem was getting her to leave to go to school on Friday morning. She's always happy to see us - whether she's up for crazy running around and playing or a quiet cuddle. She greets us with an almighty purr - it sounds like a motorbike revving up. She seems very confident already and is keen to make a break to explore the wider household - though we're holding firm to a slow and steady introduction - I don't envisage any problems there.

All in all she's been an absolute delight and we couldn't be happier.

Kind regards

Maggie 24/4/16



Dear Jill, Geoffrey and Cathy,

We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the kitten that we collected from you last December. My son named him 'Ludo' because of his playful nature and he has been a great addition to the family. He has a fantastic temperament and is very sociable.

Kind regards,
Suzanne April 2016


She's only been here a couple of hrs and she thinks she owns the place ,,thanks very much she's so lovely xx



Hello Cathy

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your support during the purchasing process of your kitten. We would not be able to manage the new arrival without your help and guidance. Your dad was so helpful settling the little kitten and give me all the advice that I needed. Your written instructions are most helpful. The kitten is beautiful and very smart. She was using the litter from the beginning. She was eating from the first day and start playing on the second day already. She is really settling in well.

I was very confused initially when reading all the different advice on line regarding buying a kitten, and in particular Bangali, but you made it all very easy and possible. It shows on our kitten that she comes from a good and caring breeder.

We made a good choice and I thank you very much J

Kind regards,

Petra Oblak





Hi Cathy

Thank you very much, I will look forward to receiving it.

I am well thank you, I hope your all well.

It's been two weeks since little 'Ruby' came home, life has not been the same since.

Sometimes I wonder if she's a bird, as she flys around the house and spends as much time as possible on my shoulder observing everything. ( like a parrot, pictures to follow )

I have so many scratches ( up my legs ) from where she is constantly climbing up me.

She is very sweet, very demanding & a lot of fun.

She is very happy, & a very confident little girl. She is very good at retrieving things we throw.

Like a dog she seems very capable of knowing what we're about to do, before we do it.
I like the new web site changes, I presume I have to congratulate you for this !

Best regards to all

Thanks again




Hi Jill,

Thought I'd give you a quick update on the beautiful Mimi.

She is settling in really well, I'm so proud of her!

Today she used her litter tray which is brilliant and she's eating really well too. The toy that you gave us is a winner and Mimi will chase after it for as long as we play the game!
She is quiet at nighttime and is starting to recognise me and will run to me and hide under my legs when anyone else comes into the room.
Mimi lets me tickle her tummy (such a privilege) and she is soooo gentle when she plays.
She hasn't sat on my lap yet but she gets very close to me and kneads her paws and purrs almost constantly.

Earlier this evening she was playing with my little boy who is 8 and he even managed to plant a sneaky kiss on her head when she was distracted.
Mimi has met Daisy (14 months) and both of them were very interested in each other, then Daisy got bored so decided to eat Mimi's cat biscuits!

All in all she is everything I hoped for and more. I love her to bits. When she really comes out of her shell I know she will be the most amazingly sweet little girl.

I'm completely smitten with her as are the rest of the family.

A huge thank you for allowing us to have one of your beautiful cats.

Warmest wishes,

Liz xx




Hi Jill
I hope you are well.
Please see pics attached of lisi.
She's such a joy. So beautiful! We love her so much!
(The blue thing is a heated beanbag she uses as a pillow.)
She loves exploring & the freedom the cat door gives her - she seems to have made friends with everyone in the village - very social little girl !
I hope you have a happy Christmas & new year.
Julia & Paul 17/11/2015




Hi Jill,
Just a quick update on my little girl.
After lots of fuss on the way home, she's now bounding around playing with all her toys (and helped herself to her brother's toy box)! She's also been purring lots when I've stroked her head. Hopefully she'll be a very happy girl. I've yet to fully decide on a name but hoping that won't take long!
Thank you for such a lovely, beautiful girl
Sarah 19/11/2015



So thrilled with my little Bengal boy I took home from Jill yesterday! He is my first Bengal and Jill let me spend ages looking at her wonderful cats and kittens and allowed me as much time as I wanted to see my kitten play and interact with him before deciding he was the right one to come to his forever home with me. All her kittens were so playful, friendly and outgoing it was a bit hard to choose just 1 but there was no pressure at all to have any. Would definitely recommend her to anyone as she was a pleasure to deal with and my little boy is just perfect.


24/2/16 Karen Allen.



Hi Jill,

Thank you for an exceptional service. The cat seems to be settling in rely well. My kids are not at all phased by the kitten. My son decided to call it Toga which we may stick with. The kitten has not littered anywhere apart from the litter tray.
I bought some treats for the kitten buy I don't think it likes it as it not had it. The kitten is very energetic and loves playing. I don't think it likes being left alone during the day. He loves my daughter the most I think.


Raja Miah 26/10/15


Hi Jill,

Just to thank you so much for the opportunity to own this gorgeous girl! She is simply stunning, beautiful eyes. She is very confident already, so I'm sure that she will settle in very quickly. I will send you some photos when she is a little older and more comfortable in her new surroundings.

Best Wishes

Laura :)



Hi Geoff and Jill,

I wanted to send you the proof of spay and vet bill for Tia as the proof you required before she was 7 months old as per your contract.

She was born on the 13th April 2015 to Silverglam Thunderbolt and Glitterglam Sweet Legacy.

I also wanted to leave you some feedback and a photo for your website.

Tia is such a delightful kitten and a bundle of fun, she has a great temperament which shows how well she has been handled and bred. She loves to play, and is so inquisitive and always getting into mischief stealing the toilet rolls out of the bathroom and then ripping them into 1000 pieces or hiding and jumping out behind a door, but always lets us know when she wants a cuddle and just squeezes up as close as she can get to you purring. Thanks so much for such a wonderful pet.

Sarah & Errol



Sarah Davis 21/10/15


Hi Jill
Just letting you know that Ravi and Nuri are doing very
well. They are really lovely animals and have settled
In so well - taken over in fact. They have very different
characters - Ravi is very sweet and quite timid when
he first meets people. Nuri is a very lovable hooligan
who is everybody's friend and is afraid of nothing!
They are very good friends who constantly seek
each other out.
Thank you for such lovely animals
Best regards

25th September

Lucky boys are in the Cayman Islands!



Hi Jill,

Just wanted to let you know that little Flora is settling in very well. She did not enjoy the car journey back to London and spent most of the first 24 hours hiding behind a cello... but gradually she has gained confidence and now enjoys playing and scrambling all round the house. She's definitely bonded very well with our boys and over the weekend Saul was thrilled when she decided to snooze on his lap for a few minutes.

She's eating well, got used to the litter tray on day one, and is a lovely addition to the family.

We'll send some pics.
Thanks again,

Ruth, Roman, Saul & Gabriel 7/5/15


Hi Geoff & Jill

We arrived home safely

Elvis was an absolute dream on the way home, he settled down and slept most of the way,stretched right out and didn't make a sound lol

He came out of his carrier straight away and hasn't stopped purring (loudly)

He is now happily playing and carrying his feather toy around........he's adorable .

Will let you know if he lets us sleep tonight :)))

Night night (as if) lol

Leigh, Alan & Elvis xxx

Re F2 savannah!



Hi Jill - just to let you know that Zuri Girl, now called Willow, is an absolute delight & has settled in so well. She is so affectionate, eats like a horse, has a penetrating yowl when she would like something, & growls fiercely over the feather toy - she is bonding really well with our Bengal, Luna - I think they will be the best of friends given a bit more time.

Many thanks - we're so pleased we decided to try a Savannah.
Alison & Jack 9th May 2015


Hi Jill

How are you?

Our Savannah who we named Cleopatra is doing very well she settled in within about 5 minutes and has kept us busy ever since. She loves just to be sat on you, normally on your shoulders or around your neck..!

Many thanks
Felicity and James (28th April)2015


Hi there,

Just a quick note to tell you how much we love our beautiful boy, Arthur, (from Glitterglam Jupiter and Glitterglam Some Like It Hot).

He settled immediately and was anxious to be part of the family from the first evening we had him. He only spent one night in his integration room and seemed quite depressed and lonely the next morning as a result. However, as soon as he was given the run of the house, there has been no stopping him. He's a naughty, clumsy, vocal delight and we all love him.

Arthur is devoted to our two sons and divides his night times equally between their two beds. We couldn't have wished for a lovelier first pet for them!

Thank you. He's perfect!

Jeremy, Farahnaz, Rohan and Jared Sharp. April 2015




I just thought I'd contact you to let you know how fantastically the little male kitten has been doing. He settled in perfectly with the other cats and he's always so happy and playful. He loves to come and sit on our laps as we watch the TV, or be right up on our shoulders while we're reading. He's such a beautiful boy. His markings are growing more high in contrast with each passing day - his rosettes are so well defined! Iv'e never seen a Bengal so perfect. He's in perfect health and we haven't had a single issue with him since he's joined our family. He is very much loved by all of us.

Regards, Katie 22/4/15


Hi Jill and Geoff
Zak here I hope the 2 of you are well may I start off saying how nice it was meeting you and Geoff it was a absolute pleasure and worth the drive down and your house and area wow!!! It was something like you see in a movie so beautiful.
I thought I would give you a wee update on the lad maximus, we got back around 11pm and the journey was pretty peaceful max just cried for a bit but for most of the journey he was a gent just sitting patiently waiting, once we got home we put him in his room and opened the door to the case, he jumped out straight away investigating his new surroundings with total confidence then he just started snuggling running between me and wife all excited it was a joy to watch we totally didn't expect that we thought he would be shy in his new surroundings but no he was totally different to our Millie when she arrived it took her a few days to come out her shell but maximus he's so different a full 24 hrs hadn't passed and he had explored most of the house except rear of house that's Millie's territory but he is trying to get there lol.
Millie hasn't met him yet but they are both definitely aware of each they can smell and hear each other I have also let Millie wander around Max's area to get familiar to his smell, this morning she seems to be more curious shes sitting near door to his side of house so hopefully introduce them in a few more days but I just have a feeling maximus will be a bit too boisterous to meet her sooner, you were so right he is so full of it so much energy it's more like having a puppy in the house me and my wife can't believe how different the 2 are even now he is climbing all over me as I write this.
Yesterday my mum, brother, sister, niece, and nephew came up to meet him and he was so good coming up to everyone snuggling head butting he is so social I'm so happy we got him from yourself. Me and my friend we very impressed with your set up all very professional I definitely think you Geoff are a very fine example of how a good knowledgeable breeder should be and we are now witnessing this with our boy maximus we applaud all the fine effort you put in your breeding program and hope all the very best to you, Geoff and Cathy in future and I will stay in touch with updates and pictures
All the very very best
Zak and family 27/3/15


Dear Jill,

Just a quick email to send you a photo of Maisie at 1 year old born 20 Mar 2014 (from Glitterglam Peardrop Legacy and Bambino FabDempsy)
She is such an affectionate cat but a real rascal at times, we wanted a vocal cat and we certainly got one ha ha.
Thank you for letting us have such a beautiful cat

Heather, Paul and Erica x





Just a short note to say "thank you"!
GiGi is turning into a super cat, who loves anything silky & cannot resist baths...! Luckilly she is also ok with the hairdryer.

I have added a video so you can see her. She was spayed 4 weeks ago and is doing well. V chirpy albeit wearing a cone much of the time as her stitches haven't quite fully dissolved.

I have never known a cat so in-love with water. To the point that she has to be locked out of the shower and now has her own cat shampoo. Run a bath and she sprints in and dives. So keeping them shallow.

Hope all well with you both.

Many thanks for such a adorable, naughty bengal.

Best wishes
Alex heriz-Jones




Hello Cathy & Glitterglam family.

A quick email to let you know that gatsby has settled in well. Being very cheeky and playful but happy and purring also. We absolutely love him and have spoilt him so happy kitty happy family all round. Also want to say a massive thank you to Cathy for the exceptional service we received during this process. You have been attentive, warm and welcoming everytime. Cathy was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and it's no wonder that you have such great cats/kittens, when all you have to do is look at the great members of staff. Will definetly be back for a brother or sister in the future for Gatsby. Really grateful for everything and for making this process so smooth from start to finish and after. Looking forward to taking gatsby for a walk, will walk up your way if succesful. Will send you pictures.

11/10 recommend - not a typo :)
Customers for life.
Raphael, Joanna & Gatsby (will teach him to write his own emails).




Loki travelled very well and has settled in very quickly and is eating and drinking and using his litter tray. He loves the playroom lots of toys to choose from and the hammocks. He is such a loving little boy I am so happy that he has joined the family, big thank you for such a beautiful boy.

Kind regards




Hello Jill, firstly i would like to say a huge thank you, for allowing me the privilege of having one of your beautiful Bengal kittens to share my home. My son Richard, collected him for me, as a Christmas present, and it was truly, the best present ever. He is funny, affectionate, playful and adorable. He's totally settled and eating well. Also used litter tray from day 1. I kept him in a small bedroom to start with, but now he has the whole house to explore. His name is Simba, and he will stay a housecat, but will still have him neutered and micro chipped very soon. I love him so much, and we spend alot of time cuddling, or playing games. Simba is very special, so thank you once again... Simbas parents were Masarati and Kia. Happy New Year to you all x





Hi Jill,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email, martini girl, we have called her Leia, from Star Wars as she's a princess. She is doing so well, jez our parson Russell terrier, have had a few sniffs but both respecting each other, no hisses or snaps. I'm so happy, she is such a delight, purring & having lots of fun running around, she is still a little nervous but eating & drinking & sleeping on us.

Thank you so very much

Suzanne & Gareth Beaney x





Dear Jill
I just wanted to tell you that the baby boy Bengal from Lara and Jupiter, born on the 17th September has settled in extremely well and loves our home. We have named him Hunter and he is already responding to his name. He is a very playful, beautiful kitten and he adores to spend time with the children- his favourite room is the kids room! He instantly learnt how to use the litter tray and he has no troubles with eating his food, in fact he loves cooked chicken and fish. He likes to explore more around the house and he enjoys to play around alot! I am pleased to say he is a gorgous boy and we are incredibly happy that we have him! He is growing so fast! Thankyou! Regards Anna (Portsmouth UK) 28/12/14



Thank you so much for meeting today, and for v kindly giving us a lift back to the station.

Gigi - so far our name:) is settling in well, and is now napping.

She is a v sweet, loving kitten- v bright listens to our every word.

Happy Christmas!
We will keep you updated on her progress:) thank you so much,

Alex 23/12.14


Hi Jill,

Thought I'd give you a quick update on the beautiful Mimi.

She is settling in really well, I'm so proud of her!

Today she used her litter tray which is brilliant and she's eating really well too. The toy that you gave us is a winner and Mimi will chase after it for as long as we play the game!
She is quiet at nighttime and is starting to recognise me and will run to me and hide under my legs when anyone else comes into the room.
Mimi lets me tickle her tummy (such a privilege) and she is soooo gentle when she plays.
She hasn't sat on my lap yet but she gets very close to me and kneads her paws and purrs almost constantly.

Earlier this evening she was playing with my little boy who is 8 and he even managed to plant a sneaky kiss on her head when she was distracted.
Mimi has met Daisy (14 months) and both of them were very interested in each other, then Daisy got bored so decided to eat Mimi's cat biscuits!

All in all she is everything I hoped for and more. I love her to bits. When she really comes out of her shell I know she will be the most amazingly sweet little girl.

I'm completely smitten with her as are the rest of the family.

A huge thank you for allowing us to have one of your beautiful cats.

Warmest wishes,

Liz xx 21/12/14


Good Evening,

I thought I'd give you an update on the two Mink Bengal brothers we got from you in September, Ace and Koji. 

They settled in very well and have grown so much. They've been neutered today and have come home like nothing has happened.

They are so mischievous and funny to watch, but yet they are very affectionate too. They have become a huge part of our lives and we can't thank you enough for bringing them to us. 
I will send some photos through when I get chance. 

Thank you again, Jazmin, Bren, Ace and Koji.


Dear Jill,
Your babies are darling! They have been so well socialized that despite the two day trip and the 4.5 hour customs clearance process on this end, the kittens sat happily on the children's laps and purred the whole way home. They've eaten etc. and are busy exploring their safe room (and already campaigning to get out), purring like lawn mowers the whole time.
I'll send and update and pix in a couple of days but a VERY good start.
Many Thanks,
Sarah (Canada).10/12/14


Hi Jill, Cathy and all people of the glitterglam team,

A couple days ago the day finaly arrives that we may pick up our new girl ‘Glitterglam Glowing Moon’ in Calais. I was realy nervous cause this litte lady would be my first import Bengal,
and animal i buy only by seeing pictures. And she was/is our first snow Bengal, cause we only have Black (brown) tabby spotted/rosetted girls here… so extra excited J

I fell in love with Moon from the very first pictures i saw from her, and then comes the day that you can meet and see her with your own eyes… and she is breathtaking!!
Beautiful head with big green-blue eyes, a short coat feeling as soft like silk and shining like a mirror, great contrast with beautiful rosettes.
And her colour… so spectaculair! I have never seen a Bengal with her amazing colouring, She is a special girl in any way.

She is so sweet and purrs directly when i look at her, she likes to cuddle, and she goes where we go. She is a real love bug that loves people and attention J

A great credit for Jill, and alle the people from Glitterglam, for breeding such beautiful and social Bengal kittens!
And for all the help, information and transport to Calais! You guys are so great!

We are over the moon with our Glitterglam Glowing Moon J
Thanks for trusting this sweet lady to us, she is more than a dream came true!10/12/14


Dear Jill and Geoffrey

Please find attached a copy of the bill from the vets when we had our Bengal Mia speyed. I hope this is the paperwork you needed. She was born on the 01st June
and her parents are God Ribbon and Shanghai Sam. She is a wonderful loving pet. She follows me everywhere! All three of my cats curl up together in one basket even though there is another.
They get on so well. Please can you send me the other part of her papers. She has a lovely shiny golden coat. Thank you
Rachel Rankin 15/11/14



Dear Jill,

Yes all is well she is doing great ! Very playfull and very active . We are so happy .

Thank you,

Best Regards,
Sami Azrak(Doha,Qatar) 23/11/14

On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 2:10 PM, Jill & Geoff Fyfe <> wrote:
Has she arrived safely with you? Hope she is settling down nicely after the ordeal of her flight.
Best regards,





Hi Jill,

Gem is doing well. Very outgoing. Not fazed by the others hisses! Early days, I'm sure they will settle soon.

She's a purrer and loves affection.

Another one of your gorgeous kittens :-)

Thanks so much

Sarah 7/11/14


Hi Cathy

Thx for this. Please let Gill know that both boys have settled in wonderfully. They had a good night, eating for England and are using the litter tray. Already they have very different personalities but both love cuddles.

We are so happy to have them.

Myra 7/11/14


Sweet greetings,
Kenya is already feeling at home :-)
She kisses a lot haha and likes cuddles :-)
She is not afraid of the dogs but curious :-) I think she is realy brave.
She is already new friends with Liva. And the kids love to play and cuddle
with her. She is a real sweetheart and we love and enjoy to see her growing up here with us with the kids, the dogs, and our Bengals. Lots of sweet greetings, Mariska & Rudi & KENYA in Belgium~F4 savannah .4/11/14


Keyna f4 savannah.


Hello Jill, there is paper work for our savannah cat, we deside to call him Zuri. His doing very well and most of his time he's siting on ours sholders and kissing us))))) He is very friendly and he likes to be with us all the time. We are so happy to have a cat like him. Zuri bring us joy.Thank you for letting us have him!

Anatolijs 29/10/14



Dear Jill,

Here is a comment for you to put on your website regarding the beautiful Bengal kitten we purchased from you in August.

Coco is the brightest, sweetest, most beautiful kitten. She is affectionate and loving and will sit purring on your knee for hours. She is extremely playful and now gets on wonderfully with our four year old Bengal cat, Zak. Her markings are absolutely stunning and her rosettes have just become more defined and golden as she has gone from a kitten into a young cat. I am extremely happy because she came well litter trained and there have been virtually no accidents. She has the whole family captivated and is adored by my two teenage daughters as well as my husband and me. We could not have a funnier, more loving or entertaining kitten. Thank you so much!

Kind regards,

Liz and family.

Here are some pictures of her now.



Hi Jill,
Just to let you know Zatanna and Theia are settling in very well! They have started their own formula one racing team around the lounge and dining room and are very intrigued with their toys.
A pic of them attached.
Thanks again for our beautiful girls!

Chantal 25/8/14


Dear Jill,

Just to let you know how well Ruby and Rafi are doing. As you can see from the photo they love to help us with any jobs, in this case some paperwork, but otherwise it could be loading the dishwasher, wrapping up a present, cooking or sorting the washing! Right now they are tearing about in their rather rough play with each other, having slept for several hours this afternoon. They really are beautiful but, more importantly for us, very sweet and loving too. Several visitors have commented on how confident they are and today they encountered our niece and nephew (perhaps their first encounter with young children?) and were fantastic- joining in with their play and sleeping alongside them.

Thank you so much for them- we have had so much enjoyment from being with them already. It is especially lovely how much they love to be with us and follow us from room to room either to ask to play or to settle down I our laps to sleep.

We will keep you updated.

Sara and Monica 25/8/14


Hi Jill,

just a quick note to let you know that "Gracie" has settled in well after her long trip home. The first day she was very quiet and subdued but that was to be expected.
Day 2 she's eating well, exploring and into everything and its all done at the speed of light, typical Bengal I'd say.
We'd like to thank you for your time last Saturday and allowing us to give a loving home to her, she's an absolute sweety with an adorable nature.

We have done the first introduction to Milo, our 8 year old male, yesterday evening with Gracie in her cage. Milo wasn't too impressed. Alot of hissing and growling. After a couple of minutes he just walked off. We'll do the same thing everyday until they are happy together. We'll just take it very slowly.

Once again, thank you very much for allowing us to give her a home, she's a treasure.

Mark & Janet Griffiths 23/8/14


Dear Jill, Cathy and Geraldine,

Just a quick note to let you know that Ruby and Rafi are settling in very well and that we can't believe how gorgeous they are in the flesh. Both are very curious and relentlessly playful. At the moment Ruby still a little wary of us (unless we are playing dragonfly with her) but Rafi rolls over and purrs loudly when stroked.

It has been difficult to get good photos yet but a couple attached here. Will send some others soon.

This afternoon our cleaner is here and so we are trying to persuade them back in their small safe room before she switches the Hoover on but they have definitely decided the kitchen is where they belong now!

Thank you all so much for your help and patience: the kittens are stunning and very sweet and funny to watch together.

Sara and Monica 8/8/14




Hi Jill
Mr Keates as settled down amazingly. He is as happy as ever, follows me round and purrs at every opportunity
He is going to be a gentle giant

Warm wishes



Hi Jill

Please find some photos of Maisie, the top picture was taken on 6th July, the others in the garden were taken on 13th July. As you can see, she is growing very fast, she has settled in well and is very vocal. At the time of typing this email, Maisie is currently charging around and playing. We are all very happy with her and our friends/neighbours are amazed at her markings and how pretty she is. We took her to our head vet Peter who said she was in tip top condition and full credit to the breeder, he was also very impressed with her markings.
It will be around 20th August when we get Maisie spayed.

We still like to look at your website and see the new kittens you have for sale. Savannahs are on our wish list :0)

Many thanks again!
Heather, Paul and Erica x





Hi Jill,

Just a little update to let you know that the F4 Savannah boy we brought home the week before last has settled in beautifully - we've named him Snoop Dogg. I've included a photo of him snuggled up with our 2-and-a-half-year-old silver Bengal boy YoYo - also one of yours. Best of pals already!

When we began thinking that we'd like to add another cat to the family we instantly thought of you, as both the Bengal boys we got from you over two years ago are just fabulous cats with unique personalities and have made us roar with laughter at their antics - and their beautiful coats get so many compliments. Initially we'd planned on another Bengal but once we found the Savannahglam pages we were smitten! So glad we saw your gorgeous Savannahs. Snoop Dogg chilled out in the car all the way home, had his first cuddle with us just an hour after arriving, and was off exploring the house soon after that. A really bold, confident chap with such an affectionate, faithful personality. We love his markings, his big Savannah ears and his long Savannah legs! We're so pleased to have him and are hoping he'll make a big, leggy cat when grown. All your cats are beautiful and have lovely temperaments and if anyone is looking to own a Savannah or a Bengal we couldn't recommend you highly enough.

Best wishes,

Carla and Derek (and of course YoYo, Helmut and Snoop Dogg) 14/7/14



Hi there,

We thought that you might like to see a few pictures of Maisy: she has settled in wonderfully and is a joy to have around.

Thank you again.

Kind regards,
Iain 14/7/14



Hi Jill,

Hope you are well? Porsche is doing great and starting to grow fast! We
are absolutely over the moon with her thank you so much!

I've attached a picture. Just a quick question, she is still eating half
a pouch of kitten whiskers morning and afternoon with dry food down all
day. Should I give her a full pouch morning and afternoon anytime soon
or leave her as she is?

Sorry to be a pain.






Hi Jill,

It's me Ameen,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a beautiful, wonderful, enthusiastic bengal kitten. Gatsby was very shy and sad at first, which made me a bit sad as I felt so bad as he was away from his family. However he has settled in so well now and he is bonding a great friendship with me. I'm so glad to have found and own a beautiful and wonderful cat like Gatsby. He has an amazing character and I would like to thank you once again for your help and efforts.

Kind regards

Ameen Rafiq 6/7/14


Hi hi just a update on skyla she has settled in very well she is very cheeky and full if mischief we adore her. She had her health check at the vets last night and everything is fine just wondering what she was fleed and wormed with and when she is due I have advocate for her thank you for allowing me to own one of your kittens you have a beautiful house and grounds and the view your cats have is out of this world thanks liz x



Hi Jill

Just to let you know how well Leo is doing. He is an absolute joy to have around the house. He has a wonderful temperament. It only took him a day to settle and now we can hardly believe he was that scared little kitten hiding in the corner. He is very loving and enjoys sitting on anyones laps who sit down for longer than a minute. He follows me everywhere and is like having a dog. When taking him to the vets for a once over, the vet commented on how lovely he is and that he hasnt seen a cat as nice as him for many years. His markings are lovely and everyone comments on how beautiful he really is.

Thanks again,

Michelle 14th June 2014


I hope everything is going well your way.
I just wanted to tell you the good new. Agassi has just reached Supreme Double Grand Champion. I am so proud of him and so very much appreciate your selling him to me.
Agassi is a VERY sweet cat. When we do not have an in-heat cat, we bring him inside to spend the evening with us, sitting in our laps while we watch TV. He never sprays at these times. Of course if we have a calling cat we can not do this.
Once again thank you so much for letting us have this lovely cat join our family.
Patty Sierra

April 2014 New Zealand.



Decorus Bengals Jen posted on Glitterglam & Silverglam Bengals's timeline
"I have to say, if anyone is thinking of buying one of Jill's cats either for breeding or as a pet, you will have not made a bad choice. My girl is 3 and has been one of the best cats I have ever owned. Her first litter was amazing, both girls were stunning. I am sure this is because of their mother's personality. I had a choice between 2 silvers and I am so glad we chose Misty. Thank you Jill & the team at Glitterglam & Silverglam Bengals"






Hi there

Just to let you know Milo is settling in fine :) It took him 24 hours to eat, but after some quiet time in the bathroom he started tucking into his food. He is exploring my room and the front room and has met the other cats. Although they have hissed at him, there is not much hostility and he doesn't seem phased at all. He's also coped very well with a room full of teenagers last night, and other visitors today. He seems very at home and we love him to bits!

Cathy x 7/2/14


Hi Jill and Cathy

I have attached a couple of pics from a female we collected from yourselves in September. We called her poppy and she has been a great addition to our family, very good temperament with our two small children and great for a cuddle in the evening!

Kind regards





Hi Jill

Things are going really well. Thomas was absolutely thrilled, he was over the moon with her. She is eating and drinking well and using her litter box. Loves to play and is letting us stroke her, purring all the time when we do it. She's ventured out of her safe place and is starting to explore a wee bit. We are completely in love with her. Thomas decided to call her Kissa (pronounced Keessa). It's the finish name for cat. The sounds of her name interest her ?

I'll be in touch within the next few weeks to let you know how we are getting on and when she has been neutered.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Jamie & Thomas 3/12/13



This is Beanie, a sweet female who we bought from you back in 2006. This isn't a recent photo but I just thought I would send it and let you know she is fine and happy. We moved from Kingston over 3 years ago and now live in Brighton. Thanks again for breeding such beautiful cats with lovely personalities. My 3 year old son loves her.






U thought you'd like to know how Rocky is doing! He's now all over the house enjoying being free and spends his mornings and evenings on the sofa with us! He's a real gem and whilst he's a bit wary of my husband he follows me around like a dog and is a really fabulous addition to our home!
Thank you!
Best Wishes




Just thought you'd like to know, he was trying to follow me out of his 'bonding room' so I let him out into my house today and he's sat next to me in the sofa while I feed my baby and all is very well with the world! He's a sheer delight!
Thank you!

Best Wishes
Lucy 13/11/13


Just to let you know they didnt waste anytime settling in! They are hooligans lol, doing flips and racing around. I'll email you next week with an update. Thank you :)

Roxie 15/11/13


Hi Cathy

That's great thank you.

I'm absolutely loving Lunar she's so friendly and energetic , what a beautiful kitten.

Thank you
Kelly (S. Africa)



Hello Jill,
I thought you would like to know that Otto is at home! It is not even a full week and he has made friends with all of our other cats. He is comfortable in the house, playing with our other cats and snuggling up with me on my lap. He is an absolute delight! We are so honoured to have home join our family.
Thank you for sending us such a wonderful cat.

Warm smiles,
Jill 3/11/13



Hi guys.. Sorry for the rubbish pic!
Just thought I'd give you an update 1 year on.. I cannot tell you how much we love our boys! Simon isn't quite a lap cat, but loves to sit next to you if you don't touch him! And he Loves playing hide and seek! He is extremely smart! He will come and find you and very gently tap you on the head, then he runs off and hides and it's your turn and so on!.... AMAZING!
Binx is the tamest cat I have ever met! He's like a little baby and still looks small! He enjoys cuddles and loves the girls to bits. He sleeps on their bed and fall asleep being cuddled like a teddy bear! He lets the girls smother him in love and really laps it all up! Binx has a very sensitive tummy and 9 months in we finally found the right food for him- sensible by royal Cainin.
Anyway.. I will send a couple of better pics too, thanks so much for our beautiful boys x ( still look at your web site at your new kittens, love the ginger boy you've got, he's beautiful :)
Love Lindsay 10/9/13


Hi Jill,

Just to let you know that the little ball of fur is safely getting to know his new environment. Keith arrived around 13h30 (Belgian time); sorry I did not write to you earlier. The kitten iis still cautious but is purring like a diesel engine as soon as I start to pet him :-)

My current cat is very curious - he "smelled" that something is going on - but I will keep them apart for the next few days. I'm alredy starting to spread each other's scent in their respective places by petting them with a sock and leaving it next to where they eat. Slowly, I'll introduce them to each other; any particular advice on how to get a 2 years old cute as button bengal to get along with his new brother,?

I attached a few pictures of both. If you'd like me to, I'll send you more later on when they will be accustomed to each other.

I would like to thank you for how smooth and pleasent this whole experience has been. I was a little bit skeptical over buying a cat trhough the internet, and I buy many things on the web, but I must admit that everything was perfect. If I ever hear that anyone is looking to get a bengal, I'll be sure to recommend Transportacat and Glitterglam. Who knows... one day, when I'll retire, I may start my own cattery :-)

Have a nice day.



Diego 23/713


Hi Jill and Geoff,

We hope you are well!!

Just a quick update on Kos he has still fitted into our family so well he is lively and a joy!!
He was neutered a couple of weeks ago everyone at the vets fell in love with him & commented on how nice he looks we had to take him back because he wouldnt keep is plastic collar on him the nurse put another one on him & was pleased that he wouldnt be able to remove the second one 200 yards down the road he had taken it off using all four paws to push it over his head!! When home it was put back on and then he managed to keep it on for 5 days he was so pleased when it was removed (i think he thought it was there for the rest of his life) he went on the rampage for about 3 hours jumping on everything and running around playing with his toys he then crashed out and slept for the rest of the day!!
He goes mad for a good cardboard box he now has 7 in various sizes with holes cut in them so he can climb in & out of them!!
He also loves nothing more than sitting on the edge of the bath whilst one of us is in it he is getting braver & is now putting his paws in the water as soon has he hears the bath running he runs upstairs & waits to be let in the bathroom.
He has just started to go outside but he is put in a harness & lead he loves it & is like a dog as soon as he hears the bell on his harness he comes running to you, I will be brave & let him out on his own soon!!!
Of course his most favorite passed time is sleeping!!! He loves it if we have a lazy sunday as he will snuggle up with all of us in turn!
We all love him he is very inquizative and is in to everything!!
We have attached some photos to update you!!

Lots of love,

Liz 12/8/13






Hi Cathy and Jill

I would like to say thank you to all the help you did to get the kittens here. They are safely arrived and they are stunning and also with very nice temperament. I can tell you have given lots of love to them.
I just brought them home and I offer royal canin babycat dry food.
I will do revolution to all my cats at home tonight. May I ask if they are also applied with revolution so I could avoid double dose on them.
They are now under quarantine in my home and separate from all my other cats. (Just to play safe and I trust they are both healthy :))
I will be enjoying looking at them tonight . Many thanks
Have a wonderful day!
Wildcat HK Cattery - Hong Kong



Dear Jill, Kathy and Geoffrey,

Just to update you on how beautiful little Cleo has settled in. She was very quiet on the long car journey back and quite frightened when we got her home. She hid behind the armchair in my study and wouldn't come out. After a while, I persuaded her to come and gave her a cuddle and she began to weave between my feet and purr. Later, she explored the room thoroughly, ate a noisy tea and found the litter tray where she dug enthusiastically. She found her new bed and settled in. The following morning she had regained her confidence and made a great fuss of us both before demanding to explore the rest of the house and did so, leaving no corner unexplored. During the day, we introduced her gradually to our other cats. She was very friendly and rubbed Razzle's head with hers. He was a bit more suspicious! Fizz, our elderly Bengal hissed and then ignored her. Holly was a bit more maternal and keeps guard to see she is OK.
Today she has played with all her toys, purring furiously and hurtled around the house playing with a ping pong ball. She is eating and drinking well. She has the most noisy purr and is really affectionate. We love her to bits already. At present she is having a quiet moment in her bed. I enclose some pictures. Thanks so much for letting us have her. Her coat is like silk. She is a sheer delight.

Best wishes,

Lyn 12/7/13


Hi Jill,
We are so pleased with our little brown girl, Dali.
As expected she has taken over the house and is now bullying our big red boy.
He cries all the time. Dali is getting very noisy and loves to play in the bath every morning with the running water.
Growing really fast, she'll not be small for long and she is still trying to climb any legs she can find and plays fetch like a true bengal.
As you can see below, she's settled in a treat.

sorry it's taken a while to send photos
Thanks and regards
Nila and Scott


Amazontw Bengals 4:54am Mar 17
Hi. Jill
They have safely arrived my home.
They are very relaxed and eating well.
They are so beautiful and healthy.
The girl has very sweet personality.
I love them so much.
Thank you a lot for the lovely kittens.





Dear Jill

Just to let you know that our little kitten has settled in very well. She
was a bit stressed on arrival (understandably) but had transformed within 24
hours into the little leopard that she is! She flies around the kitchen at
breakneck speed, has climbed the curtains, scratched the sofa, climbed up
Aaron's trouserleg countless times - and has gone to sleep on us as many.
All very happy. She is totally delightful and a joy to watch. Thank you so

Best Wishes






I have to tell you how thrilled we are with our kitten. We have called her Pia, and she is such a delight. She is so mischevious (in a good way!) and is so beautiful (everybody says so!). She loves attention, and will tell us in no uncertain terms if we are not giving her enough! She is very vocal, and 'chats' away to us constantly and so makes lovely company. One minute she will be running round the house at full speed, and the next she will be fast asleep on our laps. She also loves to play with water - as soon as she hears someone turn a tap on she is trying to get in the sink to play! We really wouldn't be without her, and if we ever want to get her a companion we would definitely come back to glitterglam. I must send some photos to you of her in her new home.

Very best wishes,




Hello Cathy,

Just a short note to thank you for everything and tell you qu'Hakuna has arrived home.
She was absolutely adorable throughout the trip, very affectionate and patient with us.
She slowly acclimate slowly and takes its bearings in the room for the time before discovering other parts and our other cats.

You can see the first pictures of her attachment and we will more photos and videos soon on our Facebook page if you want to see:

Again thank you to all your team and also to Keith for your kindness and your thoughtfulness. I speak to you with pleasure and I would not hesitate to return to you for other breeders within a year or two.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you ...





Hi Jill,

Thank you for giving us so much of your time i know we took ages choosing but you have so many nice ones.
Just to let you know he has settled in very quickly and is very affectionate. Thank you so much for a lovely cat.
Also could you please remind me on the advice you gave on his mums cat we have told her some put cant remember it all.
Once again big thank you and we will defiantly recommend you to people we know.

will send you some pictures soon.

Best wishes, Sophie 8/1/13


Hi Jill,
Ollie and Binky now take naps together and they even ate from the same bowl so are now friends, we are so pleased. They chase each other and have playfights Ollie still does not eat any dry food; other than that they both have excellent appetites, no doubt because they keep chasing each other across the various boxes and hiding places in their room. We want to but one of those cat wheels soon as we can already see how much exercise they are going to need on a regular basis. Binky eats dry food and growls while eating! Their favourite soft food is the tuna one by felix. They have ventured out of their room a couple of times; still feeling more confident in their own room. They are very nicely litter trained- since they arrived and they complement each other wonderfully as Ollie is more gentle and more kitten-like in a qute slightly clumsy way- when Binky chases him, he turns sideways, hops on all four and makes a bushy tail. Binky is more vocal and faster and more agile and she has different growls when she is eating and when she is chasing Ollie. Ollie has the louder purr and in the beginning he was more shy than Binky. Binky keeps him on his little toes! It is so sweet when he comes to greet, arching his back and loudly purring and pushing his little head up and tail straight up. He hardly ever growls at Binky - she is a growler which is so funny considering how sweet she looks and her growl is lower than Ollie's. I made some photos and a couple of videos- will email as soon as I find the camera cable!

Thank you again for our new very special family members :))


Raf and Ella 2/12/12


Updated Hi Jill
Just letting you know that we arrived home with the kitten safe and sound , and we love her . Her name is to be Tali .
She is currently in her own little apartment , our upstairs bathroom , with her bed , food , water and tray , and she is already rubbing against everything there and us to scent mark and be accepted when we go in and has already started trying to kill my son's socks whilst still on his feet and is rattling the walls with her purrs. She has sipped some water but not yet eaten but she is sniffing the food in its strange bowl so I know she will .
Very good signs .Thank you so much .
Have a fab Xmas . We will keep you updated over time and will of course follow the process when her speying has been sorted .
Warm regards
Paula Anderson 20/12/2012

Hi Jill
Kitten so confident and coping so well has today been brought fully out of bathroom and been playing and exploring downstairs and eating there .Goes to rest and sleep in her bathroom and when visitors come . Is eating well and has only called a few short trills when left then has been quiet all night.
Delighted with her. Have a very good Xmas .
Warm regards
Paula 22/12/12


Hello Jill!

Sending you some pictures of Kyra! She's 4 years old by now but still just as playful (and vocal! ;-) ) as when I got her as a kitten. Thanks once again for this fantastic cat, I love her to bits!

Yannick 1/12/12


Hi Jill,

Just sending you a few pics to show you they are settling in ok. Finn seems to be the braver of the 2 but once he starts purring, Jake comes running to get in on the action.

Also, I wanted to thank you for such fantastic cats, once the sky cleared a little, I could see how glittered they were on top of their fantastic markings.

Mat. 4/11/12


Hi Gitterglam Team,

I trust you are all well. I have never been so happy since Mya (full circle) came into my life. She is a different madam now lol and talks alot and craves attention. She even plays fetch!

I was wondering if you had any pictures of her as a kitten. I really do wish i had her then. She is so beautiful and im a lucky guy.

I did not understand your name til i saw her fur in the sunlight. Amazing.

Look forward to hearing from you

Sonny Seth. 7/11/12


Hi Jill.
At last little mischievous, adventurous Binx-e-Boo and my lovely blue eyed boy Simon have made friends. They have the sweetest relationship, Binx is full of fun and Simon is definitely the big brother and often gently pats him on the head if he's being a pickle.
Thankyou so much, our family is complete! Martin and LindsayXxx



Hi Jill,

I hope you are well. I just wanted to send some pictures of simba (dark moon & lulu - born 13 june 2011) all grown up.

Since Simba arrived in Mumbai last year he has slowly taken over our household! He is the king of the house and most definitely makes it known to our two golden retrievers!

He is a wonderful cat with a friendly temperament. He loves nothing more than playing hide and seek with me or the dogs! He is definitely not a lap cat but loves attention and can be very affectionate on his terms only!

One of Simba's favourite past times is climbing up the curtains and turning his little head towards me as if to say "look at me!" Thankfully now he is getting bigger he has stopped doing this and my curtains will live to see another day!

I was initially worried about keeping him as a house cat but he seems perfectly happy to stay indoors, in fact he hates it when I try to take him outside for a walk. Simba is very good with children who visit and happily allows them to stroke him. One thing I have learnt is NEVER to put my hand near him or attempt to stroke him when he is in an enclosed space or a box. He will rip my hand to shreds!

Simba is a cat of many talents, he can play fetch for hours on end and he even plays cat games on my iPad!

Simba is simply amazing and I can't thank you enough for breeding such a perfect Bengal!

Best Wishes

P.S. feel free to post this on your comments page.

Pcitures of Simba 'chilling' below!




Hi Cathy & Jill

The cats have arrived all is fine Isis did eat a bit of the mousse food she is beautiful. Thanks again for all the feedback on progress. It was a pleasure doing business with you and you really run a very professional setup from your website to the quick reply on mails the shipping and all else.
I am sure that you will be hearing more from us in the future I will get the contracts signed and mailed back to you when I get a chance
Thanks again for everything


Dear Jill,
Just to let you know our little kitten (tigger) is growing well and he has been castrated. I will send you the documents for proof. Do you need originals or is a scanned image ok?!
I have attached a couple of photos for you to see him thriving!!
He has settled in well and is really chilled out with our 3 children, other cat and he loves the funny!
Kind regards
Nathan and trudy spencer 23/9/12



Hi all at glitterglam! Just thought you might be interested to see how much Simon has grown! (autumn boy)
He is such a lovely kitten with such a laid back temperament! He sleeps on his back!! He's so funny and is such an asset to our family.
Our children adore him!
He's getting more mischievous by the day and he is very clever! If he wants something he will find a way!
Tonight I found he has learned how to open the kitchen bin and isnt scared abit to climb in it!!! Time for child safety measures I think!!
We are delighted with him.... Thank you so much!
Regards, Lindsay, Martin, pip, Madeleine and Simon! Xxxxx

Here's a lovely photo of laid back Simon.... The little cat that likes to sleep on his back!! His favourite place to sleep is in between our heads actually on the pillow!!! (and we don't mind one bit!!) we love him to bits and are quite convinced he is a little dog in disguise!!! Thankyou xx our children adore his mischievous ways- we are all totally besotted with Simon!( Autumn boy)



hello,she didnt have time to settle in but she's a little rocker! I got her at 4am Friday and we slept in my friends hourse. then we got to our flat and prepared for the show, went to a tica show for saturday, slept in a hotel and then today again a show. she is great :)smile very social and talkative. she was 4th all breed best kitten for Irene van Belzen Saturday, 5th all breed best kitten for Pascal Remy on Saunday and 6th all breed best kitten for Irene van Belzen on Sunday so we are happy :)smile thanks!

Roxy - 16/09/2012




Hello Jill,

Just to let you know Rufus is settling really well, he's really sweet and wants to play all the time.
Thanks for this wonderful cat, for all the attention and patience.

Many thanks
Rudy 21/8/12


Hello Geoffrey,

I just want to let you know that Cronos, Venus, Minerva and Lyra are growing all four really well.
Cronos is a strong and muscular male with a gorgeous coat.
Venus is so sweet.. and she has a beautiful and face the most beautiful green eyes. She´s a very close friend of my daughter.
Minerva and Lyra has the most silky coat you can touch with no tarnish.
I´m very happy to live with all of them, they are good friends, they like to play and they it´s very easy to coexist with them. They are completely integrated with my other cats, and they live very happy together.
Soon, I hope send you some photos.

Thank you again for all.

Best regards,

Sonia. 21/10/12(Spain)



Hi Jill,
I just wanted to inform you that I´m delighted with the kittens. They are absolutely beautiful and they have a sweet and super-friendly personality.
They are all together and are completely happy.
I was very surprised what they are accustomed to being catched to show them. Do you work with them on this particular issue?
I'm really enjoying this stage and I hope in a near future I can buy another kitten from you.

I send you photographs as soon as posible.

Best regards,

Sonia. 29/07/12



Hi Jill,
I send you this e-mail to inform you how it goes around here.
The four kittens are fantastic and perfectly adapted to their new colleagues.
I could not tell which of the four is my favourite, all are beautiful!
Venus has completely surprised me, I have never met a cat so and so sweet to everyone.
Their health is very well, and have grown considerably since their arrival.
Once again, i want to tellyou that I´m very grateful to give me the oportunity to have that wonderful kittens.

I will tell you more.

Best regards,

Sonia. 21/7/12



Hi Jill,
Sorry for taking so long to answer you. I received your e-mail when I was at the airport.
Everything went very well and very easy. The four kittens have arrived in perfect condition and very quiet.
When I have seen them, I been with no words, I could only say... wow!
Thank you for giving me the privilege of having these wonderful kittens!
Minerva is fantastic, Cronus has the most beautiful coat I have ever seen, Lyra has a marvelous coat, super-soft and very short and I'm completely in love with Venus and her green eyes.
I followed your advice and are in two separate rooms.
Cronos and Venus are always together.
Lyra and Minerva, without any problem.
Chronos is very scared right now, but that will not last long.
Minerva has also a little bit scared.
Lyra is very curious and outgoing.
My biggest surprise has been Venus, she is super loving and outgoing! She has met one of my kittens, Naisha (she is three months old)
Naisha is very friendly and has been very interested in Venus. The meeting went very well, without any sign of hostility between them.
I´m so, so happy! And very grateful with you.
Your have got a great quality cats.
They has eaten and drunk well. Poop and pee also normal.
Well, I´m gonna continue with the adaptation.
I'll bring updates.

Thanks and all the best.




Hope this finds you well. As it is coming up to the 7th anniversary of Bear coming to live with us, just wanted to let you know he is still going strong! He is still as gorgeous as ever and everyone who meets him just falls in love with him as he is so affectionate!

He is still the only cat in the house but we do now have a jack russell who he keeps in check! He will be 17 in September.

Best decision we ever made getting him.
Denise and Tom Law 4/7/12

Supreme Grand Champion Akerrs Bear Cat, one of our first stud boys, now enjoying a very healthy retirement at nearly 17 years!




Just wanted you to know that our little boy kitten has settled in so well with our family. He's not bothered by the noise of the kids at all which was my main worry, though he can always retreat to the kitchen when he's had enough. Even my youngest child, Phoebe, who is 9 and a half months, has learnt to jingle his collar (we attempted to put a safety collar with a bell on him but he managed to take it off three times the first day so we gave up) so he'll come to play and let her poke him a little - with supervision. He seems to like her best because she often has bits of food stuck to her clothes! He's a wonderful addition to our family, just what I'd hoped for. No problems at all so far at all. He's made friends with our chihuahua, Jasper, and now prefers to sleep next to him.

Thanks again so much,

Steph 3/6/12


Hi Jill,

Thank you for sending the number through.

Romeo has been such a good boy and is so affectionate! He was fairly quiet on the way home and we put him into his room for some peace and quiet. When we went back to him a little while later he was all cuddles and purrs. He ate his wet food in record time and has done the same this morning. We absolutely love him already, thank you so much for letting us have such a beautiful little boy. I will sort some pictures of him to send to you shortly.

Kind regards,


Thankyou so much Glitterglam for our two delightful hooligans! They've settled with us well, think they own the house and know that any human sitting down must be there specifically for them to cuddle. Merry is in training for Everest Base Camp and her pretty little face will suddenly appear at eye height..vertical surfaces hold no fear! Pippin is simply in to everything...They are eating really well, and their adult coats are really emerging....boy are they sparkly!! They now have the run of the house, except at night and we are greeted by very happy, chatty cats when we get home. Thanks once again.. They are everything I could possibly have asked for...

Charlotte 20/5/12


Hi Jill,

Apologies, I was going to give you heads up on the kittens today, you got
there before me!

The kittens were settled in within an hour of being home and are causing
well intended havoc! They are extremely fast to learn and already have a
grasp of their names and several commands. They are fascinated with pulling
leaves off of some of our house plants but other than that have been angels.
They both have highly amusing personalities and have taken to Harvie
extremely well. I am currently in the process of planning a cat tree and
construction of a few high areas for them. They are truly beautiful cats and
we cannot praise you enough on how well you keep your Bengals and your
breeding of superb quality cats.

Stuart Folley 29/2/12



OMG! I looooove this boy! He is everything I have been dreaming of! And I think he is just as happy to see me after all that time traveling :) He is a SWEETHEART!!! Thanks so much Jill and Allison!!!!


Nicole Pancowski/Bellarista bengals 11/1/12




Hi jill,

Your girl has save arrived and is already discovering her new home... She is beautiful, a perfect match to my stud...

Thank you again for everything.... In your cattery i found what i was looking for...


Pascal & juicy - 23/11/11


Hi Jill

Further to my email end of last week, I thought you'd like to know that they're now both settled and have been playing well together over the weekend. "Chase" is a favourite of theirs and they're enjoying the cat tree we bought, although they're not in the least bit snobby ... one of their favourite "toys" is a screwed up paper ball.

They've been sharing food bowls, water bowls, chairs and even litter trays. They seem to have worked out a system where they use one for "small jobs", the other for "big jobs" - they are clever babies! Kalese's particularly bright, won't be long before she works out how to open the internal doors ... very bright indeed! Bron has worked out that if he watches her enough, she'll show him now to do stuff so he doesn't have to find out the hard way ... see, now I'm not sure who's actually cleverest :)

They seem very happy bunnies and last night they slept through until the alarm went off this morning ... so we're very happy bunnies too!

Hope all is well with you.

Regards Shirley 14/11/11



Evening Jill,

Just a quick Email to let you know little "Alfie" is settling in just fine, he's such a great little character! He spends most of his days at 100mph, but also loves cuddling up too once he's tired himself out!
Thank you so much for letting us bring home our special little guy. I have attached a picture of him enjoying his tree the morning after we brought him home.

Best Regards,
Kev and Christine




Hi Jill,

Just to let you know our beautiful boy Reggie is having a great time ! He settled in very quickly is as mad as a hatter but so very friendly and we love him to bits ! He has made great friends with our dog and we are all very happy so thankyou for an amazing kitten.

Take care,
Best wishes - Donna and Pete Jones 4/11/11


On 12 Sep 2011, at 09:16, steve wrote:

hi Jill
easy rider boy has settled into his new home very well,
you would have thought he has been here all his life.he is very confident,eating well and drinking well,he is such a joy to have as a new family member.thankyou so much Jill for such a wonderful cat

from a very happy
cat owner


Hi Jill
thought you might like to know that the girl settled in pretty much straight away , was happy to play ,and dipping her paws in the water bowl.
After two hours she was eating ,drinking, using her new bed and when just now Louis gave her her supper she finished it ,turned round walked over
to him and curled up on his lap and went to sleep. Very gratifying !
Kind regards , will post back the paperwork
David and Ragi



Hi Jill,
Just a quick e mail to let you know that Kiki is absolutely adorable !!!!
She was very relaxed all the way home and hid a little to begin with (understandably) but is now very VERY affectionate !
She is eating well and has now found the litter tray after a slight misjudgment so we are very pleased .
Thanks again
Wendy 21/10/11


PS Hubby adores her !!!!! (knew he would )

Hi Jill,

Just to say Oscar has really settled in now J he is the most beautiful boy, full of purrs and mischief!
We are mad about him, thank you so much. He is super duper in every way!
I’ll keep you posted as he grows up.
Take care,
Ann xx

Rakasta Bengals 21/10/11


Dear Jill

I am attaching Pink and Perky’s neuter invoice from the vets. I am also attaching their pedigree slips too.

Pinky and Perky are the most gorgeous cats I have ever owned. I had my last cat for 20 years (who was half foreign cat) and he was my constant companion. I work from home and Pinky and Perky come into my office each afternoon to say “hello”. We have a play and then they fall asleep under my desk…… to say that my life is a joy with them around is not an overstatement!

Pinky, who was initially very shy (hid a lot and did not join in) is now the more active of the two! Perky (marbled) is a big softie and want (and gets!) lots of cuddles …… If we did not live in the big smoke I’d get more …

Best regards.

Helly Green




Dear Jill,

Just a quick email to let you know we've named our kitten Juno and at she's settled in really well. Has eaten and drunk well, used her litter tray (including stopping half way through playing to go) and likes her new bed. She's played lots and has explored our kitchen/diner throughly!

She has even discovered that climbing up my jeans leg to sit on my lap whilst I was sat at the table is fun, that and she likes socks! Not so sure about the TV though.

Thanks for our lovely kitten

Claire Yule.17/9/11


Hi Jill

We would like to thank you so much for Lulu and Dolly.

The girls have settled in so well they are constantly purring and wanting cuddles.

Lulu (darker) has been 100 mph ever since we opened her carrier, and Dolly (lighter) was a bit quieter for a couple of days but she is now making up for it.

They have lovely personalities and are such little characters. I think they are now in competition with each other to see who can be the most mischievous.

They like too help with the tidying up, any paper that gets lying around they promptly shred, they also run off with clean socks and hide them.

They are a welcome addition to our family and we will keep you updated with photos as they grow.

Thanks again

Julie & Bob Butler 4/9/11



hi Jill
easy rider boy has settled into his new home very well,
you would have thought he has been here all his life.he is very confident,eating well and drinking well,he is such a joy to have as a new family member.thankyou so much Jill for such a wonderful cat

from a very happy
cat owner
Steve 9/09/11



Hi Jill !

I want to thank you so much for my fantastic kittens. They now acts, like they have always been here. Me and my husband can't stop looking at them. They are so beautiful and funny..........perfect little personalities.

Zappa playes a lot with water ! I have read about that bengals do that, but I never thought it was true ! He is SO charming !

Savannah is so feminin with such a sweet expression in her little face !

Duke is shy, and don't want to talk, but I allow him to be that. He is such a beautiful boy. I'm looking for a girl for him. I didn't buy the 1 year old girl that I have planned. As I came to pick her up, I found out the hard way, that she was very aggressive, and therefore I didn't take her. She was for sale because the children in the house were afraid of her.....I understand that, because I was too !

I also want to thank Geoffrey and Cathy for all their help. It has been a pleasure to deal with "Glitterglam" and I'm just so proud to have my cats.

I have signed the contracts, and mailed them a couple of days ago.

Many kind regards,

Sonja and co.20/8/11


Dear Jill,
Would like you to know that Sapphire, who now prefers to be called Frankie has settled down very well and now rules the household. She is a joy to have around and has become my constant and very vocal companion, Her scars are now all completely covered by her beautiful coat, thus belying the name of Mademoiselle Frankenstein Naughty Girl de Spottybot, which I named her when she first arrived, due to her somewhat patchwork appearance. She still has a rather unsightly lump about the size of a ping-pong ball in the site of her caesarian scar which the vet said was nothing to worry about but could not give me the cause. Do you have any thoughts about this?
She is adept at destroying cat toys, usually within minutes of them arriving in the house and has got through two cat dancers. She is particularly fond of being groomed with a fine-toothed comb. and thoroughly enjoys emptying the wastepaper baskets and strewing the contents around the house. She has a truly naughty, typical Bengal character and is excellent company.
Thank you for letting me have her, we have become very fond of each other.
Kind Regards
Pam Brant 24/8/11

Yes, Jill, of course you can use my comments and also these:
Bengals make wonderful pets. They are intelligent, clean, affectionate, lively and adore the company of humans. The cat I bought from you is extremely healthy and well adjusted. The vet commented on her healthy teeth and coat.
Thank you again
Pam 24/8/11



Hi Jill,

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner...just got your email. I met Keith no bother and now kitten and I are home. She's currently curled up in my pantry...
I can't believe how beautiful she is. No photo could do her justice. Thank you so very much.

I'll let you know how she settles...Hope the rest of Keith's journey goes ok.

Ruth 4/8/11


Hi Jill
Just to let you know the baby girl is fine She settled in straight away purring and treading, she is a little sweetheart, Thankyou so much for letting me have your little keeper girl
Take care Jayne

Goldnglitz Bengals 5/8/11


Hi Jill,
Angel has settled straight in wow what a fantastic laid back personality she has.She will not eat kitekat what so ever but the other cats will happily eat her food for her.
She is amongst 3 other cats and is happy to say hello to them all no problems at all.
I want to thank you very much for allowing us to own such a beautiful little treasure and for bringing her up with manners and a loving personality.She is wonderful and a real asset to our breeding program.
Thanks again and i will send some pictures soon.

Best wishes

Tracy and Mark
Newtons Bengals 30/7/11---


Hello Jill and Geoffrey,
Just a little mail to say George is settling in very rapidely. The 3 boys have been together yesterday and today ( under supervision ) and they get along very well.
Aramis is still a little upset, but he is not really convincing because on the other hand he also wants to play with George. Casanova has already adopted him and also wants to play.
And George is very confident and goes behind the other two cats and really challenges them.
He is also very affectionate, always purring as we caress him. He is very curious and already looking how to open a drawer and doors .
If they continue like this I think we can let them be together permanently by the end of the week.
We thank you for giving us the oportunity to have a second Bengal boy from your exquisite nurcery.
Best regards,

Chantal and Thierry PIERRE-FRESCURA
Antwerp - Belgium 18/7/11




Hi Cathy, Jill and Geoffrey,
Took Fallen Angel for her vet check over today and she was confirmed as all fine and well. She has settled in brilliantly and is such an affectionate playful little personality, we are already enjoying her so much! I was expecting her to be a bit shy and scared for the fist couple of days but she was bouncing around playing and cuddling us from the minute we arrived, the first thing she did when she got out of the carrier was give Dan a big love while purring away. She hasn't stopped purring yet :D She really is a credit to you all, such a lovely temperament to go with stunning looks so thank you very much for letting us have her!
Thanks Jennifer and Dan 04/07/11


Hi Jill and Cathy,

I hope you are both keeping well. I wanted to update you on Leo's progress. I'm pleased to say he is doing very well and settled into life in our household without any problems. Leo is a very gentle cat and even when my 3 year old daughter Mia handles him he never ever responds aggressively. Any other cat would have scratched her for sure.
I have managed to Leash train Leo to walk around the garden and he enjoys this to being indoors all day.

Attached in a photo of Leo taken this morning in the garden with our pet tortoise George.

Take care

Ilyas 4/07/11


Hi Jill, just letting you know the little girl has settled in wonderfully well, my 1 year old boy i got from you was a little upset at first but now they are best of friends. It was amazing watching all the changes from first introduction until now.. I was intrigued and learnt so much. I watched this video which helped understanding their behavior -

Just want to say thank you for all of your help and for 2 absolutely amazing cats, both with great nature and personalities. The little girl is so so sweet but also doesn’t seem to be scarred of anything, She gave the boy no choice but to make friends with her by repeatedly coming over to say hello at every opportunity. the first day I let her roam the whole house she walked into every room for the first time like she'd lived here for years, went straight to the top of the boys cat tree which is ceiling height jumping on beds sofas and computer desks and also was stealing cat toys from the lounge and running back to her safe place with them (very entertaining) all this while the boy just watched...

Some photos are attached of their first outing together where they stayed together and followed me around.

All the best

Danny Keston 02/07/11






Hi Jill,

The girl has arrived. We are so very glad!! Thank you very very much!!

She is so beautiful and lovely. We already love her so much!!

Wesley 7/6/11


hi jill,
just wanted to let you know tinks is doing really well. when we arrived home we popped her into the lounge for a few minutes where nala ( the girl who had the one baby yesterday) is and nala jumped in the box with her and started cleaning her! tinks has followed her around ever since purring like mad and rubbing up against her all the time. they even shared the same feeding bowl!! we were gobsmacked to say the least. but i'm pleased for tinks. nala has even been trying to lead tinks into the nursing box so they can snuggle while the baby feeds. we just wanted to thank you for such an amazing little girl. she is a total purr box. and your cats are absolutely amazing!
will keep you updated vicci x


Hi Jill,

Just a quick email to let you know that our new kitten Lacy has settled really well, she was expectedly timid yesterday and this morning, but after lunch completely can out her shell all purrs and chatting! We are so happy with her, Many thanks!!!

Kind regards
Felicity 29/5/11



Hi Jill!

Sorry for the delay in writing. I have been waiting to send some photos. The only reason we haven't yet is we are still a bit technologically challenged with uploading photos onto the mac, we don't really know how to do it yet! We are hoping to get some more good ones anyway to send you.

He is settling in very well, we are absolutely smitten with him he is the sweetest little thing. I can't get over how intelligent he his. He is a wonderful companion, following me all around the house. He sleeps on the floor at the foot of our bed (he has one on each side and divides his time on each evenly). Occasionally jumps on the bed in the morning. Very well behaved. Becoming more and more vocal.

Training seems to be going well, he comes when I call him (sometimes) although I'm not sure if he is actually training me because his coat is so soft I can't stop petting him, and he is such an affectionate boy back! You really have bred a spectacular cat we can't thank you enough. He must still be losing his kitten coat because he has been dropping quite a bit of white hair (brown tips) and already where his back looked darkish brown when he arrived there is more contrast developing. We are hoping the gold he has on his paws, legs and flanks will come out more all over.

Once again thanks we are really enjoying him. We will send some photos as soon as we upload them.

Best regards and take care,

Olivia, John & Hendrix 23/3/11



Hi Jill just a e-mail letting you know golden kira is settling in very well she had a nurse check and the nurse complimented on how well behaved and how lovely she is.
The delivery service is absolute excellent, the cat arrived in the time you said they would cat was comfortable and very reasonably priced. Its such a good idea when you live quite a way away and its very convenient So Thank you again for such a beautiful and loving girl
Thanks Darren





Thanks very much for this.

I have been meaning to write back to you re Rani.

she has been absolutely wonderful. We set her home up in our conservatory and with 20 mins of arriving she was interacting with the children and ourselves. she gets loads of cuddles. Since then she now got access t the kitchen , the living room and we have just started with upstairs. she is really lively , it is lovely to see. Our living room joins the conservatory to is about about 35 feet long. she gallops up and down this at regular intervals and is very playful.

We are really enjoying her and she has fitted in very well with our family.

Thanks very much.

Regards Rob 16/3/11



Hello Jill and Geoff!

I promised to send you an email and update you on how we were getting on with our little guy.

After a first evening of being very nervous and a couple of wees in the bath (pretty much the best place for them besides the litter tray, so no harm done!) he has settled in amazingly. We brought him into the living room with us on the Sunday afternoon because he seemed scared on his own; he was crying and he kept getting himself stuck behind the toilet trying to hide there, the poor thing!

Once he was with us he settled in remarkably quickly, and he now struts around like he owns the place. He's been eating very well from the moment we got him home, and there have been no litter tray accidents at all - we had a shallow tray which he was using at first but he discovered and claimed the big enclosed tray all by himself! I took him to the vet for his kitten check on Monday, he is 2.1kg and in perfect health, and purred so loudly while the vet was examining him that he had trouble hearing his heartbeat! He's got an appointment for 16th April to have his little boy bits removed and be microchipped, so we shall see if he still likes the vet after that!

His personality has developed so much in these few days. He has a very loud voice and a positively deafening purr, and he's super affectionate but also very speedy and playful. John has set up a live webcam so that we can check up on him while we are at work!

Thank you both so much for our little treasure, and for being so kind as to pick us up and drop us off when we came to collect him. We shall certainly be back to you if we decide to add to our little family.

All the best,

Eve and John 9/3/11



Good morning
It’s been only 1 week since we collected our cats but they are settling down very nicely. I have attached a picture of them sitting on the back of our sofa. For pet names, we call the marble boy Guiness & the snow boy Bailey.

Len Buffey



Hi Jill
You were absolutely right. Moon is settling very well.He is a very very loving little boy.He is getting used to the dogs especially Ellie ( a Cavalier) who he obviously considers BIG. The 2 papillons are no problem although they can be a bit over loving and protective of new kids on the block.
Thank you so much for letting me have all your beauties.
Be in touch.

S.W. London 8/3/11




Hi Jill!

He has arrived safe and sound and is absolutely fine. He was out of the transport box within 10 mins and eating within half an hour.

He is gorgeous, very affectionate and playful. :) Lucky me, I have the day off to settle him in!

Thanks again for everything! I will write again soon with more news.

Kind Regards,

Olivia. x

Abu Dhabi 8/3/11




Hi Jill and Geoffrey!

Thank you so much for out beautiful baby kitten.... He is so gorgeous and has such a lovely confident affectionate personality!

He mewed all the way home on the train making me laugh with all his different chirps!

He was eating and going to the toilet in his litter box as soon as I arrived home and loved all the attention we gave him .

He is already getting on well with my other cat, Tippy.... Although I am not sure he knows what to make of him!

I can't thank you enough for him, I will keep in touch and let you know how he is doing. We still can't agree on what he should be called :o)

Best regards

Katherine 22/2/11

Jill and Geoffrey,
Just to let you know that our little kitten we now call Khan... and my other cat Tippy are now the best of friends as you can see from the photo!
Thanks for all the advice...
All the best Katherine 27/2/11


Hi Jill,

Just a quick update on how our beautiful boy is getting on.

He settled in very quickly, the first night he came out and laid on the sofa with us, was a little bit shy (which was expected) we thought he would be shy and quiet for a couple of weeks but in just three days he is extremely active and very confident. I cannot believe how well he has settled in so soon! We are looking forward to our future with him! We are so grateful for such a gorgeous kitten. I will be recommending Glitterglams to people who want a stunning friendly active loving bengal. Thank you Jill once again.

Taybe and Ozzie 23/2/11




attached picture of sunrise glitterglam shalalabengal makes all my happiness, it is very cuddly, very sociable.
thank you again for allowing me to buy sunrise.

Estelle/France 18/2/11




Many thanks for pedigrees. Now I can register cats here in Finland. And then we could go to the shows. Boys will go two shows in April . I let you know if they managed good. But they are very friendly and georgeous kittens.I love them very much.

Nina Penttinen/ Finland.



Hi Jill
Trying but failing to send you some superb pictures of Star. Star by name and Star by nature and nurture. what a fantastic little girl.
She came downstairs for the first time on Friday afternoon and now there is no stopping her. she is confident and fearless ( although she does squeak if totally stuck).
She is getting on really well with the other cats.
I know it is rather premature of me but I wonder if you would consider letting me have another breeding Queen from Ooh La La's spring litter. She is obviously a good Mum who knows how to bring up her kittens.
Persevere at photos.
best wishes.
Rachel + Star. 13/12/10


Hi Jill,

I hope this finds you well. I have attached some photos of Glitterglam Bookoo playing with a pumpkin. He is now almost five months old and really maturing very nicely. We have yet to show him as life has been a little hectic but this is definitely on the agenda. His contrast and exquisite rosettes just keeps improving and I am so impressed with lovely his type and beautiful profile. I must not forget to mention his temperament which is just fantastic! He is such an adorable little guy but also very switched on and trainable expertly performing many tricks such as 'come', 'sit', 'shake', 'fetch' etc. Having a history in dog training I can say I'm extremely impressed with his willingness and ability to learn! We shall be looking for another Bengal in due course with serious showing in mind so will be in contact!

very warmest regards,

Kris 18/10/10


Hi Jill,

I've attached more snaps of our little babe Bookoo in his jungle gym! He is doing brilliantly and has brought us no end of happiness! He is such a sharp and comical little character, we can now fully empathise with those who were assuring us that these little "leopards'" were a whole different kettle of fish to ordinary cats! How right they were. Bookoo's charisma, intelligence and incredibly quick learning has greatly surpassed our expectations. He understands the command for bed time, comes to call, works out every puzzle toy in seconds flat and amuses us to no end when he converses with us with his little Bengal cheeps and chirps! Bookoo has also done rather a sweet job of training me by gently placing a paw on my cheek in the mornings to wake me up! If my eye opens the paw comes off, if I close them again and start to snooze back on goes the paw! Amazing! We are simply make up to have obtained such an exquisitely marked and typey Bengal who also has the most incredible temperament you could ask for in ANY pet!

We are currently in the midst of planning a huge outdoor enclosure for him complete with climbing shelves, trees, plants and waterfall- what a lucky boy! Its taking everything we have to not visit you again to find him a play mate but we do love the idea of dedicating all our time to one Bengal and don't think Bookoo will complain about this.

very kindest regards, we will keep you posted!

Kris - 07/09/10




Hi, Jill ! We were at a cat show. Heaven is ranked first among kittens Bengals. Send a photo with my daughter. Thank you very much for the kittens! Helen

This is Heaven (out of Glitterglam Zhivago x Glitterglam Hula) as his first cat show in Russia. Just two weeks after arriving there. Thank you Helen and your daughter for showing him and Heaven for behaving so beautifully!


Hi Jill,

I really hope you get this Email! I have also sent it to your comments page address just incase we continue to have weird Email problems!

We were so impressed by your beautiful facilities and all the cats looked so happy, exceptionally well cared for and obviously very well handled. Bookoo was just incredible on his two hour journey home, we couldn't believe how relaxed and sweet his demeanor was. He enjoyed his matching leopard blanket in his crate and slept for a lot of the journey. He only started calling when we got out of the car to refuel, stopping once we got back in! Considering how scary it must be for him to suddenly be in totally new surroundings without his litter mates, he has taken it all in his stride. He revels in the attention we give him and is a little purring machine! This morning we came down and found that he had neatly used his litter tray all on his own. Bookoo is our first Bengal and we can definitely see ourselves having a love affair with the breed forever more. We can't thank you enough for the opportunity to own such a beautiful and charismatic cat. He is a very special member of our family, he means the world to us and will be given a great deal of love. I will send photos in due course!

warmest regards,

Kris 25/8/10


Hi Jill and Cathy

He arrived at my home safely.

I actually met him and recognize his wonderfulness more.

His disposition is also super great.

He is very fine also after a long trip.

Thank you very much for so fabulous boy.

Documents and toys were also received.

I am going to take his photographs several days after and to send to you.

It is due to go with him in the show season of TICA from May.

Many thanks,

Shunji Saika-Japan 23/3/10

Pictured in his new home in Japan. How like his sire Shadow this boy is, almost a double for him!





Dear Jill, Geoffrey and Cathy
just to let you know 'Monty' has settled in very well and is fantastic little character
and we are very pleased to have him, he loves to go through the Sunday Newspapers!!
thanks very much
Chris and Lou





Hello Cathy & Geraldine

Just wanted to let you both know Tiffany is settling in very well, we just adore her

She is everything we could wish for and more thank you all so much.

Pic attached for you

talk soon Julie Cleaver 17/2/10



Hi There
Hope you are all well, just thought I'd share a lovely snap of Jasper with you a week after we picked him up. He is a lovely cat and likes to spend most of his time in the playroom with my two toddlers!! Charlie finds it hilarious watching jasper chase his toy cars around! I'm not quite sure who is exhausting who :0)
Kind regards
Kerry Jones 2/3/10



Dear Jill and Cathy,

First of all, I would like to Thank you both very much for all your help and assistance and taking care of Leo while he was still with you and providing all of the arrangements to get him to Dubai. He has settled in amazingly and he has the best personality! I swear I think hes a dog because he follows me everywhere, is extremely playful and affectionate, and is very smart. He runs to the front door whenever I am about to leave or when I come in and lets out a few meows! When I leave its a loud more emphatic meow (letting me know his displeasure at being left alone), and when I get home its a soft one that is almost broken into to seperate words, its very cute. Even when he wants to scratch, you will see him run all the way from the other end of the house to his scratch post, scratch it, and return. If Im sitting down, he turns into a lap cat (when hes not running around the house like a kitty on caffeine!), and will sit on your lap and fall asleep. Although I noticed if you pet him alot he rolls over so you can scratch his belly and eventually tends to fall off almost anything he is sitting on because he cant stop rolling over ! He loves to talk but I am starting to understand what all the pitches mean, including the chirps, and growls (which seems to be his pre-warning system that he is extremely hyper and is about to run and jump all over the place, lol). His personality is the best and he looks adorable.

I just wanted to send you some pictures. These pictures are about two weeks old though and he is definitely much much larger. I will send you new ones soon. He is growing so fast I checked the ingredients on the food I was giving him to make sure there wasn't steroids in it ;) For five months old he's basically the size of a full-grown house cat but with the face of a kitten.

Once again thank you for everything, and I will update you again soon.

Sam Cabani, Dubai 2/3/10





Hi Jill,

I thought that you might like to see some pictures of our gorgeous girl out of Champion Glitterglam Michaelangelo x Glitterglam Ooh La La. We have decided to call her Shiuli Rainbow of Asura and are absolutely thrilled with such a stunning baby!

She was shy to start off with but has now settled in beautifully. She has the most fantastic temperament- so gentle and affectionate and of course, amazing looking. I am really excited about breeding from her when she's ready.

Thank you so much for such a fabulous girl, I'm so glad that you decided not to keep her yourself!

Best Regards,

Chloé X 16/2/10



Dear Jill,

Just to let you know that my son named Paradise's kitten "Toffee" and he is adorable. He settled in more or less straight away and is a really good eater! He has so much character and never stops talking!

Our dog, Honey, is besotted with him - she just needs to calm down a bit when she sees him! As I'm typing this e-mail, Toffee is asleep in his bed and Honey is laying down beside the bed with her head just resting on the edge!

I'm so glad we've got him - thank you.

Best wishes,

Nadia 19/1/10



Hi Jill,

Sorry for the late update. He's doing just fine. Has recovered very well from the shock of the flight here it seems and enjoying his new home. I picked him up at the airport the morning he arrived here and by noon he was munching away happily on his biscuits. I fed him canned food the following day and some boiled chicken the day after. I'm very happy that he's not choosy about his food and eats everything given and I'm sure he will grow nicely in the future.

He's a really beautiful boy and has really got beautiful rosettes. I'm very happy that he's one wonderful package.Beautiful, very friendly, affectionate, a good boy, clean n nice smelling.

Your delivery method was very professional and I really appreciate it. The box that you sent him in was great. He looked very comfortable in it when he arrived. That's the first time I've seen one like it. Did you get it custom made?

Thank you for sending us such a wonderful boy. He's really gorgeous and beyond my expectations.

Best Regards,

Nik - Malaysia



Hello Jill & Cathy;

Just wanted to let you know that the two cats you sent us are a big hit in Australia. In his first show, Glitterglam Snowstorm in Motion (Stormy) won the Best of Breed Bengal under 3 different Judges and won 3rd, 4th and 4th in the top 7 places in the Group 3 Classification, under those judges. (Group 3 consists of the following breeds: Abyssinian, Somali, Burmese, Tonkinese, Burmilla, (SH &LH), Asian Self, Australian Mist, Singapura, Korat, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Sphinx, Russian, Japanese Bobtail (SH & LH), British, Selkirk Rex (SH & LH), Scottish Fold (SH & LH), Scottish (SH & LH), Manx, Cymric, Egyptian Mau, Ocicat, Bengal, & Munchkin). Silverglam An AJAYS Immigrant TO OZ (OZ) did well in her own right. 2 out of the 3 times, she was the Reserve Winner Bengal. Whereas, she is very nice in her own right.....she could not compete against Stormy.

Today was the second show for both cats and Oz won all of her classes, but when it came to compete for Best Bengal, Stormy beat her and everyone else for that title. He then went on to win 1st, 2nd and 7th in the Group 3 competition placements for kittens, under 3 different judges. But here is the best news of all....he then advanced to SUPREME Group 3 winner! This means he beat all the Group 3 Adults, neuters as well as all of the kittens groups. He himself was from the kitten group.

Both of these cats get rave reviews from everyone and have lots of people buzzing. Oz shows very well but Stormy is an absolute show-off and lover of all judges (or anyone who picks him up), so it kind of puts her in the shadows. They both have great personalities and have never become stressed. They are such naturals......which only goes back to their excellent breeding! Well done Jill!

I am too tired tonight after all the excitement of a long day but I promise to get photos to you within this week.

Well, that is it for now.....congratulations for breeding these 2 extremely nice cats and trusting Jan and I to do the best that we could for them.

Good night,

Janet from Australia



Hello Jill and Geoffrey,

First of all, we wish you and yours the best for 2010.
Aramis is doing really great. He gets along with all the cats, but Casanova is his best friend. He plays with everything , and loves to walk around with a (toy) mouse.
He loves also to be on someones lap and is also very affectionate (he is always purring).
We thank you so mutch for this wonderful ... marvellous ... fantastic cat and we certainly dont regret one second our trip from Antwerp to your cattery to get our fourth musketeer !

Chantal & Thierry PIERRE-FRESCURA (Belgium)






Hi Jill, Just wanted to let you know that little Aiko is settling in extremely well! She is very vocal and likes having conversations with us, as well as purring loudly. She is well behaved and always uses the litter trays. She is enjoying having little water fights with herself and climbing the scratching post. She is still in the small room, but is becoming ever inquisitive with what lies outside it. It won't be long...! Thank you for such a beautiful kitten, we love her so much. We will send you a few photos soon. Best wishes, Maxine 26/11/08


Hi Jill, yes thanks everything is really good . How are you? Henry is getting really big now and has turned into a real lap cat. He has started to grow out of the naughty stage now so we can walk through the house without fear lol. Cant believe how much he loves the kids and is so gentle with Maisie my daughter who is only 8 months old . She grabs him by his head , neck ,tail and he has never retaliated as he would if any of us were to do the same. He is more than happy to just play in the house and go out on his lead now and again. He will let you do anything to him apart from cut his nails but i do that when he falls asleep on my lap. Very happy with him Jill he is just what we were looking for in a family pet. Thanks again. Stu 10/11/08


Unbelievable, only one day in the Netherlands and getting Best Over All on his first show! He deed perfect and behaved like a real gentleman. With compliments of the judge who called him amazing, stunning and almost perfect! Met vriendelijke groet, Leonoor van Dongen Cattery LJ Bengals


Hi Jill I don't know how to thank you. He is GORGEOUS! I am so pleased with him, and he is the friendliest Bengal I have come across so far. He is all relaxed and into everything. I have received all the paperwork, pedigree and vacc certificate. The only other thing I will require is the blue slip from your registering body, I need that to register him here. Sorry I didn't write yesterday, I took the day off and wasn't close to the computer. Kind Regards -- Ansie Davies Bushveld Bengals


Hi Jill!! Little cookie have been to her first show at sunday in karlstad, Sweden She was so nice, not stressed at all. And the judges loved her!! BIV, Nom and BIS!!! I am soo happy for this girl !! Best regards Anett S Jensen Norway


Hi Jill, we have now had Isra for a week and we cannot begin to thank you enough for giving us such a beautiful, well-socialised kitten. She is confident, loving and everyone has fallen in love with her including the previously grumpy moggy Casper who is having so much more fun now he has a little sister. They are already sleeping, eating and playing together and today he groomed her for the first time so he is truly happy to have her around. They even insist on using the same litter tray and food bowl - its incredible! After losing his sister 6 months ago we felt he was lonely and it seems little Izzy is the perfect companion for him. She loves her food, has used the litter tray without any accidents at all and sleeps with us at night snuggled under the duvet. I think you can see how loved she is and I'll be sure to send you photos as she grows. Thank you again. Best Wishes Vicki & James Garlick


Dear Jill MANY thanks for the girls – Miranda and Melissa !!! they are simply stunning.Thankyou. They are very friendly and happy and spent the night happily together in the bedroom playing and sleeping. Just what I need at the moment!! Hoipe you have a good show and Purdees dad gets a title. Let me know the results for the Bengal/brown spotted and kittens..thanks Andy x (16-6-8)


Hi Jill, Sorry for not contacting you sooner but we had such a hectic day today..we had a couple come to view our kittens plus trying to put the finishes touches to Flashes quarters today whilst spending as much time as we can with our beautiful boy ! We are simply overwhelmed by how stunning he is .. both me and my wife are in awe of him !,he has such a sweet character also and last night he was already on our laps purring away..he's a little purring machine and loves to be stroked. He is eating very well and has been to the toilet ..he has settled in so well.. more than we could have hoped for. Thank you so much again for allowing us to home this amazing boy ..after seeing his pic on your website we would not have been happy to home any other stud boy and now he is here he's even more stunning that we thought if that's possible ! Kind Regards x(16.6.08.)


Hi Jill, Just to let you know that we are already quite besotted with Shaka. He is in the spare bathroom and is purring a real treat. He does not want to stop eating (loves the Whiskas)! Thank you. Kind regards, Nicola


Hi Jill, I just thought I would give you an update on little Darwin. He is an absolute gem, everything we wanted and more and I am so glad we chose him. He gets on brilliantly with Toby and they were both playing together within 2 days. As I am trying to type this I have them both walking over the laptop trying to get my attention. We went out and bought a ceiling high scratching post for them a few days ago and they think it is wonderful. He looks like he is growing well and has a great appetite - he talks to his food when he is eating it and he will not touch wet food so we have just kept him on the dry. He has got the most wonderful loud purr and he still shouts at us for attention which he gets in bucket loads!!!! I am so pleased with him and would highly recommend you and your babies to anyone who asks. Maybe one day we would like another addition so we know where to come!!! Congratulations on the fantastic show results you must be very proud of them. I will send some pictures once I have uploaded them to the laptop. Best Wishes Hazel & Gavin Hunter 25/04/08


Hi again, thanks for reply, 'Little Ben' is so much more than we ever expected.. a real joy and has taken to us so well. We are following all your advice and it is going very well. I've attached 2 more of our fav pics, please show Geraldine when you get chance as she was so great when we visited and collected and clearly loves and cares for your Bengals very well. Thanks for such a wonderful addition to our lives ;-)

M.Wildman 27/4/08


Hi Jill! I sorry i haven't contacted you. I've been busy with work and cat shows. Yes Frost has arrived safely and is settling in. He's a beautiful boy, so much glitter and such a gorgeous temperment. He started purring the instant i started patting him. He's a favourite amoungst the carers at the quarantine centre. I'll bring him home on the 30th. I took some photos but haven't downloaded them yet. I shall send you some when i do. Hope to hear from you soon, Many thanks Rachel Summerill 6/3/08 (on Frosts arrival in Autralia)


Hello Jill, I hope you're well and had a restful Christmas and New Year. Does't time fly - I promised to send you Selkie's neutering receipt some time over Christmas and didn't get around to it. (I totally blame him! He's a riot.) Please find it attached - it was done just before he was 6months old. He had his first FeLV jab last Friday, growled at the vet as usual, who asked if he was from a rescue home (cheek!) - but she said he was beautiful so we'll forgive her. Today we took him into the garden on a harness, he's been getting quite bored in the house despite having hours of attention from us, and loads of toys. He absolutely loved being outside and was eventually racing up and down the lawn, with me trying to keep up. Of course he growled when I picked him off the neighbours' fences, and brought him in. He's flat out in his basket now so peace reigneth at last. His latest tricks are jumping on mum's shoulder from a standstill, and jumping onto anyone's back who bends down. It's ok if you've got clothes on but he did it to me just as I was out of the shower - I had to do the Hunchback of Notre Dame impression all the way back to the bedroom...he was purring all the while, the little rascal. The latest toy is a Da Bird + mouse attachment. When I showed it to him he growled at it for two hours solid. He wore himself out chasing it but kept waking up to go check on it, it was so funny. When he catches it he'll drag it, pole and all, into the corner - and then follows me with it if I walk away - it still makes me laugh. Usually he asks me to chase him or play with Da Bird mouse just when I think it's bedtime so I generally crawl into bed around 1.30am. Do they make Hills Science plan for cat owners?? I need some extra energy from somewhere! Couple of questions - He 's still growing like the clappers, at around a pound per month (and the bags of food are disappearing quicker!) He weighs 10.5 lb now... about when might he stop growing ? And can we get some more green mice please? how much would 3 +p&p be? and what was that toy they had on a wire at your place? Attached are two photos taken over Chrismas... the Jekyll and Hyde of Bengal personality lol. best wishes, Sonya Smith. PS I look at your website every day - I really wished I was a breeder when I saw Monsoon, he looked incredible. And Samurai would have been great with Selkie. And I wanted Dollar's kitten too! Can't wait to see PG's new babies! PPS Selkie baby photos here

3.2.08 (re. one stunningly beautiful smoke bengal!)


Hello, As an admirer of Maxinamillion and his offspring I just felt a need to drop a line and complement you on your high quality breeding! I myself have a daughter of Max from Jaronbelle (jaronbelle Chyna MaxinamillionxLlandar Roseanna) a snow seal lynx, and I am eager to sometime in the future own a Glitterglam cat with his line. Regards Yvonne

Yvonne Berglund/Bedazzled Bengals 22/2/08


Zepp my Snowy Bengal is feeling very much at home now, He has been with me for a month or there abouts. He is a very happy, balanced, playful cat who likes to try and eat my ears and toes. I think much of his good nature is due to care that he had from birth. I was very impressed with Jill from Glitterglam who's advice had my attention from the moment we spoke on the phone such is her feline knowledge and passion. I have never seen so many beautiful cats in one place and it is obvious how much work and attention goes into making sure the animals are happy. I'm very pleased with myself that I made the effort to investigate the idea of a pedigree cat rather than answering the first advertisment that I saw. Rob Grant, Northamptonshire. 14/2/08


Dear Jill Fyfe, I would like to congratulate you on your great web site. Your enthusiasm for your cats and the constant updates are a credit to you, I love to visit your site to look at the beautiful kittens. My own bengal boy is now over 14 years old, I got him before Bengals were classed as a breed from Fiction bengals at Bigging Hill in Kent and he is still climbing trees and fit and healthy and a contant joy although quite demanding in his old age. I would love one of your lovely babies but unfortunately Omar does not tolerate other cats although loves his human family. If the day ever comes when i need a new baby i know where i will come. Please forgive the intrusion into your privacy. Thankyou for reading this email H Bond



Hi Jill, Just to let you know that we got back safely with our little boy.

He is currently in the spare room en suite, with all of his things & he is playing with his scratching post purring like mad! He is a feisty little boy & no shrinking violet! We love his face & his markings & his energy & his great big feet. He was as good as gold on the way home: he hardly cried at all & went to sleep. He is a laid back traveller but certainly came to life when he got into his playroom…we will let him out into the wider world when he is ready. I hope that Mischa is behaving herself & making friends with Michelangelo. It’s quiet without her howling! Speak soon & thanks for letting us have this gorgeous boy: we are delighted with him. Best Regards -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonnie Church Sales & Marketing Director



Hi Jill

Just thought I'd give you a quick update on how the little man is doing! We're getting on great! He's so very affectionate and has settled in very quickly. He's eating well and using his litter box and he's just lovely. I've called him Azazel which is quite appropriate I think! :o) I've posted some pics on facebook for all to see. You can pick them up here: Thanks again. Jason 3/2/08


Hi Jill and Geoffrey,

Well we are finally home, and I want to give you a huge thank you for our Kitten. We are so in love with her and she has settled in really well. She is already trying to follow our 16 month year old everywhere. She cried a little bit in the car, but was happy if I put my hand in the cage with her, and stroked her. We left her in a room when we first got back, with litter trays, bed, food, water, etc. She has used her litter tray, had food and drink, and has come to the door calling to us so we have let her explore an extra room. She has enjoyed playing with us on the floor with some of her toys. She is cuddled up in her bed now, fast asleep. As far as naming her goes we are still not sure, but if you haven’t named her yet on her registration documents then we would like Sakura. If you have already named her then don’t worry. Thank you again for this beauty, she has made our dream come true, and we are incredibly happy to have her. Taryn + James 24/11/07


Hello Jill, Sorry I didnt get to write yesterday, had a bit of a busy evening! For the first 10 minutes he cried a lot in the car then slept all the way to the front door without a peep! So far he hasnt stopped purring & has been extremely playful, friendly, affectionate & of course mischievous. He will fall asleep in your arms in the middle of trying to tear apart your hand & jumper! lol. He will also not let you use a laptop anywhere near him without doing whatever he can to get up on the keyboard & rub his head up down & all over the lcd monitor. He preferes somebody to be in the bathroom with him & initially cries when we leave him alone, he looks bored/sleepy when we go in the bathroom then perks up straight away to full throttle, he doesnt want you to leave & will definatly let you know. He has been eating & drinking well & is using the litter tray. My other girl Fruzia has been slightly curious as to who was meowing behind the door but has been very placid & relaxed, she has not spent too much time sniffing around & has been getting on with her own thing downstairs, we have been giving her lots of love so she doesnt feel left out. She does not seem phased & her attitude has not changed a bit, i think she just wants to meet her new friend, but she is a very well mannered, patient girl. This morning they were both sniffing around the door at each other, baby was meowing trying to get to the other side & as he seems so relaxed & happy, we thought they could meet quickly to see how they react to each other so we just opened the door a bit so they could have a peek at each other. He stuck his head through the door then our girl leaned in & tried to lick his nose but baby got a bit worried, backed up & growled so we left it at that for now, I think he is ready to leave his room as it is becoming more of a prison than a sanctuary but it would be too much to let him out with our girl, I do not think she would harm him but he would not be comfortable. We were thinking of seperating the house into 2 sections for a week or so & gradually introduce them, if you could spare any pointers i would love to hear them. Overall he has been the bundle of joy we were hoping for & much more!!! He has to be one of the most gorgeous kitties ive ever seen , he looks stunning, i didnt really notice it before but you are obviously correct & he is draped in beautiful glitter but his lovely, sweet temprement has to be the best bit about him!!! I will let you know how i get on & cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful boy!!! Kindest regards Chris 6/11/07


Dear Jill, We keep meaning to write and send pictures of our "baby" but have only just got round to it (she keeps us very busy). Minky (I will explain her name choice) is out of Hustler & Mica's November litter. She has settled in very well, ruling the roost instantly. Her naming came by accident as we spent the first couple of days getting to know her trying to decide on something suitable. She quickly made herself at home and had a penchant for hiding on top of the curtain pole and launching herself onto whoever was snoozing on the sofa below to say hello, normally John! We starting asking if anyone had seen "the monkey" which quickly turned into "Has anyone seen my Minky" (Inspector Clouseau in Pink Panther) - the name stuck and suits her very well. She is now an accomplished acrobat, her favourite game being to somersault around the room as quickly as possible without touching the floor using any available spring board which includes anyone who happens to be in the way. She also likes a good game of fetch, retrieving her toy mouse or stuffed cat (which was nearly the same size as her) for us to throw for her. She quickly made herself known to B.C. our 14yr old black moggy and Willow our 6yr old Brown Marbled Bengal. They were a bit taken aback by her brazenness at first but now enjoy playing with her. Willow in particular will go and look for her if she is not to seen - but Minky has yet to learn that sometimes "grown-up" cats like to take it a bit more easy than she does and don't appreciate being bounced in the middle of a siesta! She seems to have a lot of her Father's character and is totally fearless and just a bit too bright sometimes. She decided one day that we hadn't responded quickly enough to her "I'm hungry" shout (I can't call it anything other than a shout) and went to the cupboard, opened it, and pulled out a sachet of food and brought it to us. Saturday she decided that she wasn't going to wait for us to come back from our shopping trip and opened the sachet herself - she does like her food! When she does sit still she is a very cuddly, talkative (loud) and affectionate cat (also very spoilt). When we turn out the lights to go to bed she will immediately come upstairs and get into (not on) bed with us, even if she is already soundly asleep in her favourite spot on the back of the sofa, and cuddle up until she decides it's time for Breakfast when she will stand on your chest and shout in your ear. She loves the shower and you have to be very quick to get in first before she does. The post is also a problem as you have to reach it before it is turned to confetti and spread around the house! I have attached some of the many pictures of her taken over the months since we collected her in February. As you can see she has turned into a very pretty girl with lovely silky fur and spots. I have also attached a scan of the vet's invoice as proof of spaying. (I did mean to contact you to ask what you had decided on for her pedigree name but again didn't get round to it). Many thanks for Minky. Kind regards, Carol Jones & John Quick


Jill, It was real good to meet you yesterday and thanks for taking the time out with us. Your cattery is one of the best I have seen and I believe it is exemplary. Well done! Well it was a real sleepy journey for them. When ever we talked they all woke up and joined in our conversation. Willow, my little girl is really spoilt at present and just wants to be carried everywhere – she briefly saw the girls and blew up. The two girls, Daisy, & Juicy are so loving it is hard to believe we just had them yesterday. There are extremely beautiful Jill, and thank you so much for Willow. She is indeed gorgeous. Will update you soon and thanks for the Insurance information I will go through today and get that sorted so that it runs on before I forget

Regards Donna Peynado Cats 9/6/07

Hi Jill ,

Thank you so much for my gorgeous girl! She's a super cutie pie and such a gentle soft nature. Though I'm sure given a bit of time to feel safe, secure and settled, mischief will reign in the house! She's tucked away in my cosy spare room with the most enormous ceiling high kitty climbing frame and soft snuggle beds.

Regards Antonet 26/5/07


hey Geoffrey and Jill, As promised, Just keeping you up dated with angels progress with us, I am glad to say that saffron and angel are getting on amazingly, We did start off with saffron grumbling at angel,All though the next day saffron was so desprate to mother angel and angel was very unforgiving for saffrons behaviour the day before. saffron has been very patient with angel (which is well out of character for her) he he but it has payed off for her as they are now cleaning each other and cuddling up on the sofa, saffron is making lots of mothering sounds for angel, we are so happy that the two are best of friends now.. we are not to sure if saffron is trying to be a best friend or a mother at this point. since angel being here she has grown alot in confidence and saffron has been unexplainably well behaved (for some reason i think saffron thinks she is a bengal role model and i am sure that we will pay the price soon he he) saffron has also been extremly protective with her. our other cat the moggy has not had so much contact with angel but has accepted her with no problems and is greatfull that there is some one taking up saffrons attention up full time and giving him a huge break from it all. sending a picture across with this mail hope you like it, it was taken on the third day of having her here. many thanks again for alowing me to have this wonderfull girl in our lifes and all the support and help you have given us and thank you for being so understanding,

Adam And Gary 28/5/07


Hi Jill Well, I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that Millie and George have settled right in ! They are sleeping and playing together wonderfully and start purring (very loudly) as soon as you go near them. Millie has the habit of 'cleaning up' after George has used the tray, and when they are apart George meows to find out where Millie has got to, very cute.Many many thanks for providing such lovely kittens, their temperament is perfect ! Hazel and Dom

Hazel and Dom 12/5/07


Hi Jill Just to let you know kittens arrived safely this morning. They travelled really well and are both sleeping now. We are absolutely thrilled with them, their markings and physiques are superb. We will send you some photos to show how they are settling in. Thanks for all the advice and we will keep you posted of their progress. Once again thanks for such stunning cats we are delighted. Regards Debbie

Debbie Appleton/France 26/4/07


Hi Jill and Geoff, just to let you know everything is fine and list a few examples of what my little monster has been up to. 1 Mum keeps calling out Murdoch and tells me I'm a good boy if I go to her so I guess that must be my pet name although I'm sure it sometimes sounds like Murder. Sometimes she says I am so naughty I must be my fathers son. 2 Mum decided to have a clear out the other day and was putting all this stuff in a great big black bag so I decided to help by jumping on the bag and tipping it all over the floor. 3 I've learned how to shred letters and documents with teeth and claws, much more fun if I can do it before mum's read it. Who needs dogs when cats are just as effective if not moreso. 4 Climbing on to the back of the settee to test my mountaineering skills on a big picture frame that hangs behind it. Not so much fun because mum rushes over and claims she's rescuing me from what could be a nasty accident. 5 Attempting to leap on mums dinner plate because it has food on it, and although I eat all day I feel I'm missing out on something but mum shuts me out of the room so I just howl until she lets me back in but by then the plates empty. Spoil sport. 6 I've been trying to get behind the fire to see whats up there but mum won't let me, claims she's rescuing me again. 7 Practicing my fighting skills on Nightmare, I spit, hiss, growl, swipe, scratch and bite very aggresively and come out unscathed because Nightmare does absolutely nothing except look at me as if I'm mad, great fun. 8 Yesterday I horrified mum as she tried to grab the tip of my tail as I dissappeared behind the fire and onto the boiler to look up the chimney. She rushed to the kitchen to turn the gas off at the mains.When she turned to rush back and rescue me she nearly tripped over me because I was right behind her. She's now blocked off the little gap so I can't get to it. I've tried howling at her so I can get back up there for another look but so far it hasn't worked. 9 Today while mum was at work I tried my claws at wallpaper stripping. I wasn't amused when mum said "carry on I want to decorate the hall anyway" so I've gone off that idea. As you can see never a dull moment, how he managed to get through the tiny gap at the bottom of the fire I don't know, that was one of the first things I checked when I brought him home, he must be a contortionist, still I've put a stop to that particular trick, dread to think what he'll come up with next. We've only had one broken item which is quite astounding considering he tears around like a lunatic, the only time he stops is to eat. He seems to be teaching Nightmare all the bad habits with regard to lunacy instead of Nightmare teaching him the more placid habits. Murdoch and Bubbles have seen each other but not actually met as it were, Bubbles growls at him from a great height and Murdoch growls back, for such a tiny thing he is very dominant and nothing seems to unnerve him, when he gets bigger Bubbles will definately have met her match. I'm going to try and send a couple of pictures with this letter so you can see he's settled in ok but I usually have problems when I attempt to do this so they may follow seperately, feel free to use any comments or pictures as you see fit. Congratulations on the new babies they sound gorgeous. Best wishes Chris


Hello Jill How are you? Did the new arrivals all appear all okay? My new boy is absolutely gorgeous and settling in very well. We had a couple of initial meow's on the way home and then he went to sleep. As soon as we got home he woke up, we let him out and he instantly started purring! He is all of the things that I was looking for in a new cat and so much more. One of the best things for me personally is that my 2yo female, Spellbound, is now getting on with him fabulously and she is starting to enjoy the company which is really really nice after loosing Prince of Siam. I think that they will become firm friends. Also the other big thing is his personality - boisterous and looking for adventure - fantastic! The new boy has been named by my partner Sam as 'Trigger' (think it is something to do with being a Royal Marine and having a love of Only Fools & Horses). So that is his new name (I Thank you again Jill - A fantastic kitten and two beautiful happy Bengals - splendid! Kind regards Sallywanted to call him Hercules!!).

Sally 21/3/07




Dear jill, could you please call her silverglam silver shadow, she is just a delight, settled in so well we could not be more pleased. kind regards pauline

Scotland 13/11/06

Hi Jill, She has arrived safe and sound :o) What a little stunner, and so confident in herself!! She has had a drink of water and little slice of ham. Sending a photo of her on the big scratch post - which se loves already. We really can't believe how confident she is!! Her markings are just super. Thanks for allowing her to come all the way up here, she will be well cared for. We presume the pink slip will follow?? We know how painfully slow the GCCF can be! Thanks again Steven, Scotland. 9/11/06

He was very scared when we came home yesterday. He met the other cats, but they were not satisfied about the new boy. So I took him to my bedroom, and had him here all night. He was still scared then, but today, it seems much better for him! He is very loving, likes to be around me, and he purrs a lot. He is so beautiful, and I love him already! (he plays around me as I am writing this!) I'm so thankful for this amazing boy, and really proud! My son, Aleksander is in love too! He was just so happy about Valentino, and thought he is beautiful! He took a picture with his mobile at once, to send to his friend!

Anita 31.10.06 Norway

Hi Jill, Well done with Shadow, wow!! what a title that is, you must be thrilled to bits but your cats really are something else, well i think so anyway!! For what thats worth, haha!! I received back the copy of contract for Safariboy yesterday, and thank you for letting me have Red, he is so so stunning and the sweetest of natures, i am so hoping we might be able to keep him in the house as i do not intend to be buying another boy/stud. Any tips or pointers towards keeping him from spraying in the house as he gets older would be greatly appreciated, if indeed there are any tips!!!?? Look forward to hearing from you soon, wish i could have had Red at the TICA show, next one i hope!! warmest wishes, Gill

Gill 17.10.06 Scotland

Hi Jill Yogi (silver) and Bo jangles (smoke) have settled in quickly and are enjoying exploring the kitchen and their new toys. They sleep cuddled up in the duffle bag at night and their afternoon snooze is on the sheep pyjama case (we knew it would come in useful for something one day). They are eating well and sharing the same litter tray (seems we have two too many at the moment) and we are delighted with our new family members. Thank you for all your advice and rest assured we will send updates on their progress. Best wishes Brian & Lesley.

Brian and Lesley- 15.9.06

Hi Jill, Well what can i say, he is a proper stunner and OMG what a purrrrrsonality he has, so sweet, i had to stroke him in his box all the way up from Edinburgh. Fiona said he was perfect with her aswell. He did have a pee in the back of his box while travelling to Aberdeen but hey he did pretty good all in!!! He is wondering around the house now like he's lived here for months. He is perfect, thank you so much for letting us have him, i can tell he is going to be a joy to own. Wouln't introduce him to the other 2 girls till tomorrow, let him find his feet first, Fiona handed me her paperwork (for her 2 girls) rather than mine, ooooopps!! but i will call her tomorrow and get it posted out to her asap and i am sure she will send me mine too. Promise to get you a couple of photos of him in his new home in next day or so. Must go and get a coffee now, feeling a bit travelled out, thanks again, we all think he is fab., we'll be in touch.

Warmest wishes, Gill

Gill-8.9.06 Scotland

Hi Jill, Arrived home all safe & sound late last night. Little boy is a bit afraid from all the travelling, poor baby. Lots of TLC and peace & quiet on order ! He will come to us & he's purring, its all a bit strange to him--its to be expected--he'll settle in. He has used litter tray & has eaten. He is absolutely gorgeous, stunning is the word ! His photos didn't do him justice. Thank you very much.x It was lovely to meet you at last. We will keep in touch. We haven't decided on a pet name for him yet-it's still being debated ! Talk soon, Ann

Mark and Ann -Eire 17.9.06

Hi Jill Just thought I would drop you a line to say many many congratulations on your TICA award you so deserve it To update you on our deliveries!!! Peaches had 2 female snow spotted kittens(from Max) they are 9 weeks old Lyla had one snow spotted male and one snow marble female (from Drifter) they are 7 weeks and the marble is stunning Toffee (Peaches other daughter we kept) has produced 4 beautiful brown spotted kittens 3 female and one male I think! from Kaseeb Amiir the stud kitten we bought from you, who is still only 10months he certainly did his duty!! Once again our best wishes and congrats to you all Kindest Regards

Linda | Nottingham | 14/06/06

Hi Jill We are really looking forward to coming to collect our new kitten, the daughter of Glitterglam Thriller and Llandar Clementine. We really appreciated the time that you took to show us around and meet so many of your beautiful cats. We knew we had made the right choice of breeder by the affectionate way you greeted and spoke about each cat. From looking at your website I can see that on the same day you had 5 more beautiful kittens born, so congratulations to you and the proud parents. Kind regards

Emma | 04/06/06

Hi Geoff and Jill Just thought we would update you on Jaxon's progress in his first week in a new home. We introduced him to our other cats Taya and Nami within 48 hours and despite the occasional expected 'hiss' they are all getting on - I am not sure they fully appreciate having their tales chased and bitten but Taya and Nami are being very tolerant and are now playing rather than running away. Jaxon is beginning to copy their behaviour and will eat when they eat, sleep when they sleep and strangely use the toilet when they use it !! I took him to the vets for a health check yesterday and all is well as expected. The staff all fell in love with him - one of the vets has a Bengal too so she was very keen to see him herself and treat him should there be any health issues in the future. Jaxon loves having his tummy tickled and it seems to be the only way we can get him to lie still for a few minutes. That just leaves us to say 'thankyou' once again for allowing us to have such a beautiful kitten - he is everything we wanted and more - he has already developed a wonderful personality and is proving to a very entertaining family member. Best wishes and regards

Michael and Dagmara Aldridge | 28/05/06

Evening Jill, The new kittens are settling in to their new surroundings or I should say taking over the house. I have decided to name the boy Max and the girl Suki. Thanks for the great start they had as they have not missed the litter tray once yet. Kind Regards

Simon | 11/05/06

Hello Jill, Just a quick e-mail just to let you know how our beautiful snow girl is getting on ...She has totally come around now and has turned into a total lapcat she loves the attention we all give her and makes sure she lets us know when she wants a cuddle,she loves going out in our garden with her flexi collar and in her cat run. she is 4 months now and we are looking forward to seeing some beautiful kittens from her in the future,we would love to be able to send her back to yourself as we love your studs that you have, in particular hustler. I know its still early but we were also just wondering if you do accept her to be stud what would the procedure be in terms of vaccinations and felv. Thank you so much again for letting us have her as she has filled all our lives with joy. kind regards

kemal and samantha | 15/05/06

Hi there just to let you know that Wildrose is still doing well and is totally amazing if I had know that you could get a cat like this I would have had one years ago but some how I think we are just really really lucky to have such a special lady. She follows me about the house and where ever I am she will be either sitting on me or next to me. Every one that see her thinks she is amazing, even non cat people!!! She is great with the dogs and they totally respect her, the attached picture is her eating the cat food out of the dogs dinner!!!!

Inez | 27/03/06

Hi Jill Hope all is well with you and that all the cats and kittens are fine. I always keep an eye on the website, the snow kittens by Thriller and Roseanna look amazing. I cant wait to see the pictures of Chinawhite and Wizards kittens, I expect they are amazing too. Tigerlillie is fine and growing well! Shes a good eater-she steals the other cats food so I have to place it up high where she cant yet get to it. I expect she will master getting to it soon. She is still gorgeous, so laid back, so not fussed about anything, change of food ocasionally, litter etc-shes happy with anything and is so lovable. I had to take her to the vets the other day as she hurt her leg. She tried jumping onto the mantelpiece and fell onto the fireguard. She was lucky she didnt do any serious damage. Just a little bruised thankfully. The vet was really impressed by her. He said she was a beautiful cat with lovely markings. Everyone says she is so pretty. She has a lovely temperament and lovely markings, Look forward to hearing from you and seeing the pictures of the snows on the website. Take care

Tracey | 07/04/05

Hi Jill & Geoffrey Hope you are well. Prince of Siam is an absolute hoot! He is the most wonderful kitten and aside from his amazing markings, his character is absolutely fabulous. He seems to be settling in to well and although my silver tabby wasn't too chuffed at first they are getting on fine now and hopefully will become firm feline friends. My vet said that he is a wonderful specimen and everyone who meets him falls in love instantly! Thank you so much for letting me take him home on the day that I came up to your house - I cannot thank you enough - he is adorable. Best regards

Sally Beamish | Sussex | 10/11/04

Dear Jill, In your absence, we were delighted to be able to visit the heaven that is Glitterglam and see so many beautiful cats and kittens. Geraldine was extremely generous with her time and allowed us to look, see, talk, see again and finally decide on the kittens that we really wanted. Our heartfelt thanks to her. We are so pleased to have found such lovely kittens, looked after so well and are dying to get them home and love them even more.

Lesley | 26/02/06

I love your Bengals!!! there stunning, i've been looking into the breed for quite some time, and there just right for me!! I already have 4 DSH cats. btu was really interested in owning a Bengal! I wanted to ask what colouring pattern names would you call, your stud, Glitterglam Hustler, is it brown Rosetted? such lovely colourings and markings!!

Clare | 16/03/06

Hi Jill Hope you are well. Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that Meggie is doing really well. She is thoroughly enjoying being a pampered puss, and is well aware she rules the roost in our house. She has grown so much too in just a few short weeks. We have just started to take her out on her harness and lead – she’s desperate to explore the great outdoors and not impressed that she can’t go out when she wants – she’s incredibly vocal and tells us in no uncertain terms she wants to go out – NOW!!!! We have erected the cattery run in the garden, so when we have to have windows and doors open in the summer she will spend quite some time in there, although she isn’t keen on it at the moment – I think when she has some company in there with (her in the form of Bailey) she will like it better!

Nicola Soanes | Colchester | 16/03/06

Hi Jill, Here is a little note to say how happy our kitten is. Here is a photo of her relaxing with our other cat Zuki. She is such a character, full of beans, so cute when she sleeps and make some amusing noises. She is extremely affectionate but only when she is tired from playing. She has been in the garden 3 times so far for short spells and was very funny when she fell in the pond! She did not seem to worry about being wet or that she was covered in duck weed. kind regards,

Nadia McGrath | Kingston | 07/03/06

Good Morning, Just a quick note to say how stunning your cats are! I found the site whilst bored at work and I’m now TOTALLY in love with your silver kittens! I’ve truly never seen such beautiful cats (although if my big fluffy boy heard me say that he’d pack his bags and stomp off…) If fat-stuff ever decides he would like another lady I’ll be sure to show him your website! I hope you keep producing these beautiful creatures and wish you every success at the shows

Carolanne Butler | 12/01/06

Hi Jill and Geoff, Many thanks for Maximus....he is a lovely kitten with such a passive nature and trying so hard to make friends with Mia my 6mth old bengal! He is a fabulous kitten and is settling in great...just thought you'd like to know :) Kind regards

Mandy Robinson | Lylton | Lancs | 27/11/05

Dear Jill I've been meaning to get in touch for ages to let you know how wonderfully Lola has settled in but we've had a few family dramas recently which have meant everything had been more than usually hectic. But anyway, Lola has been absolutely brilliant and the girls completely adore her. She even sits on their very wriggly laps and purrs (for reasons that are beyond me) and if it all gets too much she just temporarily removes herself. However she's incredibly sociable and 99.9 times out of 100 she'll stay in the same room as us, even though the door is wide open and even though we have guests who she's never seen before. She's also providing us all with hours of acrobatic entertainment - I think she actually tried to fly yesterday - and her jumps have to be seen to be believed. She seems very happy and calm though - which is quite something given the circumstances. She gets more glittery by the day - a friend actually thought the girls had covered her with real glitter because she was glittering on the staircase in the dark! Best wishes

Anna Kauer | London | 02/12/05

Hello, dear Gill! It is very grateful for a wonderful kitten. At it tremendous tender character, and still it-very courageous cat. Behaviour as if it was born in my house. Behaves as the mistress. In 20 minutes after arrival already played with toys. Does not pay attention to a dog. The dog at me good -loves cats. I shall try to make very much a good life to your remarkable kitten. To call of its Polya , already knows this name. Low bow for such beautiful and clever cat. I am sorry for mine bad knowledge of English language. Best regards

Alla Baklanova | St. Petersburg | Russia | 20/01/06

Hello Jill, we are very happy to have this lovely girl. She is very friendly and she speaks , we like this. She is very beautiful and she likes her new home. Thank You for this girl. Best wishes

Angelique Fedeli | South of France | 14/01/06

hello jill, just a quick update, ace is settled in nicely & leading us a merry dance ha! ha! he is sooo naughty, in fact he is one of the naughtiest i have come across to date but very funny with it. i load up the washing machine, go check there is no more in the kids rooms, come back downstairs & he has emptied it again. his other one is lifting up the seat of the toilet & going inside we spent ages looking for him the other night knowing it was impossible for him to have gotten out & found him happily playing with the toilet water. needless to say we have now had to put a lock on the outside of the toilet doors as he can open any door that stands in his way even the fridge which we have put a child lock on now. he is absolutely hilarious & so very affectionate. everyone who has met him has fallen in love with him what can i say but thankyou jill. kind regards

Lynda Quinn | Manchester | 06/02/06

Dear Jill Just to let you know that Harrison has settled in really well. He has made himself totally at home on Ella's bed, my round the house cardigan, poppy's bed, the whole sofa, the armchair, his basket, ella's windowsill, dining room chair and my ironing pile... (now re-washed and ironed and put away)!!!!! He is the most cuddly, adorable and affectionate little thing I have ever met and is totally fearless. He used our plant pot as a litter tray a few times so I put tin foil round the bottom, he just pulled it out and played with it! The hoover is just annoying and wakes him up. Ella is delighted with him and him her... he snuggles up on her knee and cuddles into her at night. She is just busting with happiness and they are becoming inseparable. He doesn't appear to like fishy stuff much (turned his nose up to fresh crab and prawns) so one cat will only eat fish the other meat. Poppy will eat beside him now, so some progress is being made. At least she has come out from under the bed! Anyway, thank you so much for our little soppy socks, he is a delightful addition to our family and I can assure you he is spoiled rotten already. Kind regards

Victoria, Kev and Ella Newcombe | London | 04/02/06

Hello, Gill! I send photos my hotly favourite Polenki. One of these days I shall try to make more interesting pictures. I very much love to the Polya, it for me as the daughter. When I at home - it all time at me on hands, we sleep together, it is covered by a blanket .Miracle , instead of the child! I Hope that in the future YOU will not give up to me in purchase of one more girl. I thank! Best wishes

Alla Baklanova | St Petersburg | Russia | 03/02/06

Dear Jill, I have been looking on your website regularly, and I am very interested in buying a Bengal kitten. I have been researching on several websites, but yours seems to be the best one. Many Thanks

Natasha | Gloucestershire

Hi Jill and Geoffrey Just a quick note to say that Nutmeg (also known as Meg and becoming commonly known as Meggie!) got to our home safely. She travelled really well and we are delighted with her. We did keep her in a quiet room for about 3 hours but she was keen to come out and happy to see us – she is so affectionate. She has spent the last two hours on my lap blissfully purring! Regards

Nicola Soanes | Colchester | Essex | 28/01/06

Good morning I would like to compliment you on your seriously beautiful cats and excellent web site. Kind regards.

Marion Maclaren | Kent

Hi Jill Just updating my database with all your gorgeous new cats (I'm going green as I do it) Who is 'Rio' - Tansy's mum???? .....and fancy keeping THREE girls from Thriller/Gina - mind you I don't blame you - they look so gorgeous. Looking forward to meeting Captivation!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Hebden | Yorkshire

Well, Martini or Sparkle as my granddaughter insists on calling her is settling in really well. the first day after collecting her I couldn't find her in the room we had put her in, it shouldn't have been difficult as it is our dinning room (not much in there). can you imagine, i knew she couldn't get out but i was quite frantic, i remembered what you said about tuna so opened a can pretty dam quick. after a few hours went back in and the tuna had gone, still no sign of her, but i stopped worrying. next morning, thought i would just have a peek, still no sign, then noticed that a drawer of my desk was guessed it, there she was all curled up fast asleep. we haven't looked back since, on monday we opened the door which goes into our sitting room (it's attached to the dinning room). She was happy to see us and be stroked. Tuesday she came into the sitting room, just for a peek. wednesday, well, she is like a different cat, comes tearing into the sitting room, bouncing all over the place, so sweet. thursday, left the sitting room door open, she wondered into the kitchen for a look around. we are making a big fuss of her, haven't picked her up yet, don't want to frighten her. when we see her in the morning she says hello and purrs, she is lovely. thank you so much for her, we love her already. will try and get some photos of her when she is a little more settled. all the best

Steph Whitcombe | 19/01/06

Hi Jill, just to let you know diva is doing really well, loves to play and gets on really well with the other cats. She loves being in the house and spends all night jumping on our heads and trying to get in bed with us, looking forward to showing her , she is a real sweetie . Regards

Lauren Gilpin | Norfolk | 15/01/06

Hi again, Jill. Thank you so much for meeting with Mark and Thomas and I last night -- we were very impressed with your breeding facilities and your hospitality. And we talked of nothing but cats all the way home. Thank you again for taking the time with us last night. Best to you and your husband.

Amy Beacham | Northants | 12/01/06

The two kittens are fine and have settled in beautifully. I keep trying to take photos of them to put on our website but they are so fast it is quite difficult. Pearl is throwing herself at the study door as I type but she plays havoc with the computer and wires so she has to remain on the other side of the door. Bella has the softest and most senuous pelt we have ever felt and Pearl's coat has such glitter it looks as if it has been sprinkled with stardust. They are really stunning. Best regards,

Roger & Jenny Chatfield | Kent | 18/01/06

Dear Jill and Jeoff, I'm ever so greatful for the excellent job you do with your cats. My Kitty is such a great girl, really clever and playful, always knows how to get her way round to everything, she' s absolutely spoilt rotten already and we love her to bits. Never thought a little kitten like her could make so much noise with her special miaows which are always different depending on what she wants. She is so beutiful and affectionate and started to be part of the family since we put her in the car; thats when she started to purr! She did stay in her room for about an hour or two, after which she was already sitting on my lap and kissing me! She is more and more beautiful and affectionate every day and even my other cat Cleo has finally learnt to love her and lick her until Kitty annoyes her with her incessant playing. Thank you so much !!!

Francesca and Jurij Jasin | London | 22/02/06

Hi, Just wanted to let you know we arrived home safely to Ireland. Poor little girl was a bit shell-shocked when we got in, not surprising, but she has really come out of her shell today. She is absolutely gorgeous, we are thrilled to bits. Thank you so much. It was fabulous to see all your cats in the fur ! They are beautifully kept, what a fantastic setup ! Thank you again

Ann, Mark & Crystal | Ireland | 27/02/06