Specialist breeders of exceptional Bengal Cats

Since 1997

Glitterglam Hula is pictured to the left and Glitterglam Lucy to the right

Welcome to the web site of Glitterglam Bengals!

Bred by Jill Fyfe in Peterborough, Cambs, (UK) we are conveniently located ten minutes from the A1, approximately just over an hour north of London.

We have been specialist breeders of top quality silver, brown and snow rosetted Bengals since 1997.

Our number 1 priority is to produce exceptional quality, healthy Bengals with wonderful temperaments from the very best blood lines.

There is absolutely no compromise on the healthcare, nurturing and time given to each and every kitten before it goes to its new home.

Take a look at our 'previously bred' and 'comments' links on our kittens for sale page to see how our Bengal kittens settle right in! We have a purpose built air-conditioned nursery for our breeding girls and kittens.

We enjoy showing our cats with TICA and the GCCF and encourage others to show as well. Glitterglam has bred the following show stoppers:


  • TICA Supreme Grand Champion Glitterglam Bangles and TICA Supreme Grand Champion Glitterglam Levi

  • TICA Double Grand Champion Silverglam Silver Shadow
  • TICA Double Grand Champion Silverglam Sweetheart
    TICA Grand Champion Glitterglam Heatwave
  • TICA Double Grand Champion & GCCF Champion Glitterglam King Midas (owned by Caroline Giraudy). Midas also was overall winner of The Bengal Cat Club show 2009
  • TICA Double Grand Champion Glitterglam Goldenglow (owned by Andrew Leonard & Nick Gourley)
  • TICA Grand Champion Silverglam Darwin (alter)
  • TICA Champion Glitterglam Michaelangelo
  • TICA Champion Glitterglam Dizzy Blonde
  • TICA Champion Glitterglam Clarence
  • TICA Champion Glitterglam Fleur
  • TICA Champion Glitterglam Golden Goddess (owned by Andrew Leonard & Nick Gourley)
  • Tica Champion Glitterglam Majik Mikey(owned by Gill Heaton)
  • TICA Champion Glitterglam White Wizard
  • TICA Champion Glitterglam Electric Storm
  • Fife Champion and also Tica Champion Glitterglam Khandor (owned by Ed and Marja Mast in the Netherlands).
  • Tica Champion Silverglam Cameron owned by Cissy Van Cass in The Netherlands
  • Grand Champion Glitterglam Snowstorm in Motion owned by Janet Sickinger and Jan Cox in Australia

We are also owners/ or have owned the following titled cats:

  • TICA Supreme Grand Champion Akerrs Bear Cat
  • TICA Champion Dazzledots Total Eclipse
  • TICA Champion Starwinds Samrong Skorcher

    We have been fortunate enough to breed the Overall Winner of the GCCF Bengal Cat Club show which is an all Bengal show 3 times -

    2004 with Glitterglam Thriller

    2007 with TICA Champion Glitterglam Clarence

    2008 Caroline Giraudy showed and won the show with her TICA Double Grand Champion Glitterglam King Midas

    We also won Overall winner of the Ocicat and Bengal cat club show in 2007 with TICA Grand Champion Glitterglam Heatwave

    In Europe Ivonne Van Dreumal has had incredible success with Glitterglam Hotspot in the Fife shows in and around The Netherlands, she has been awarded several Best In Shows for him and he is now a Grand International Champion

    In November 2005 International Champion Glitterglam Optimus won Best Supreme International Cat in Monaco out of 400 cats (owned by Angelique and Maurice Fedeli).

    Big apologies to any titled cats of mine not mentioned here, do feel free to remind me!

    We import carefully chosen top blood lines to add and mix the gene pool with some of our already amazing combinations, in particular this year we are trying to develop our whited tummy lines and our rosetted snows and we have two new studs arriving later in 2009.

    Bengal kittens and cats are extremely playful and entertaining and get into all sorts of mischief, they are very interactive and dog like in their personalities and people who have a Bengal often find one is just not enough!

Because of the strong demand for our kittens it is advisable to join our waiting list if you are interested in a kitten for pet, show or breeding, please contact us if you would like to come and see our Bengals. You are always welcome. We are happy to consider export, and welcome your enquiries. We offer exceptional male kittens for stud to caring breeders.

We can arrange delivery around the UK if necessary and have considerable experience exporting kittens to many countries.




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