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We have started Pet products as a result of customers asking what to get in when they purchase Bengal kittens from us. That said, we hope it will be of use to everyone. Whether or not you are interested in our kittens, our products are available to order, and if you live locally you are welcome to ring us and arrange a time to come and look round. Cat litter and dried food are particlarly good value.

We are situated 6 miles from Stamford town centre and are easily accessible from the A15 and the A1.

We will be adding to our range each week over the coming weeks, so do check back with us regularly.

To order, you can pay by Paypal by simply clicking the 'add to cart' button. Feel free to email us for further information. Postage stated is for within the UK only, please contact us if you would like to purchase something to be posted abroad and we can send you a Paypal invoice.



CAT DANCER ~ The toy to definitely get your cat dancing!!

Seen here one of our stunning young boys (he is not for sale) getting his exercise with a Cat Dancer.

In my humble opinion these are probably the best cat toys, made from a thin strand of wire with rolls of cardboard that imitates a butterfly's movement they provide brilliant exercise for your cat.

Just £10 for a pack of three plus P+Pe ( P&P is for the UK only, please add an extra £2 for international postage) aPaypal - geoffrey.fyfe@btinternet.comve a large stock available priced at £10 for 3 toys.