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2nd November 2018



Over the years we have used various van couriers to get our Bengals from A to B in the UK and also to Western Europe.

In order to provide the type of service we believe all cats and their owners deserve, we are starting up a new company:-


Our aim is to provide an efficient, affordable and very comfortable delivery road service to all cats owners, both breeders and otherwise.

We will be DEFRA licensed, carry cats and only cats, and will provide air conditioned, roomy, clean, calm and hygenic accommodation with a brand new fully equipped van.

We will transport door to door within the UK and to Western Europe (Germany, Belgium, Holland, France and maybe more) for the pet owner and breeders

We can offer a re-location service abroad for your pet, transport within the UK for the breeder, and pet owner with the knowledge that their cat will be in safe experienced hands and importantly, hygenic conditions. Their holding pens will have at least room for a litter tray, water and bed.

Any breeders or pet owners abroad who wish to have cats or kittens delivered to the UK can always use our service as well, combining it with a return trip of ours.

You will find the cost of air conditioned transport will compare favourably with air conditioned travel to Europe without the stress of flying, airports and overnight in the kennels.

We already have one or two UK trips booked as follows, along with an almost monthly trip to the South West England.

We can offer a discount if we are already doing a trip, so please do enquire for a quote, whether to UK or abroad or simply for information. We will be able to tell you the requirements needed for your pet to travel abroad.











We have been breeding bengals since 1997. Our first bengal was a brown spotted but we quickly fell in love with the snows and marbles also. The silver bengal cats are an exciting new development in the UK, however in America they have had championship status for some time. You can also champion your silver bengal cats over here at TICA shows, although the GCCF don't yet recognise them. Therefore our silver litters are all registered with TICA.


We hope you enjoy looking at our Silver site.

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