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26th November 2018


New litter of silver, silver charcoal and snow kittens available from

Junglemoon Edward the Black Prince and Silverglam Ice Queen born 21st October 2018

In the top two rows we have 2 silver charcoal females, on the third row a brown male, possible charcoal waiting for tests back, on the 4th row a silver mink charcoal snow male, and on the bottom row a brown female. All stunning kittens.










We have been breeding bengals since 1997. Our first bengal was a brown spotted but we quickly fell in love with the snows and marbles also. The silver bengal cats are an exciting new development in the UK, however in America they have had championship status for some time. You can also champion your silver bengal cats over here at TICA shows, although the GCCF don't yet recognise them. Therefore our silver litters are all registered with TICA.


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